Sunday, January 10, 2016

Finley // Week 23

Finley, I made a note from December 21 that after you took your bottle you just laid back in my arms and started talking. I remember it so clearly like it was yesterday. It was one of the sweetest moments of us just talking together and what made it even sweeter was you patting and holding my face with both hands. I love to hear your coos and babbles and as you begin to talk I'm certainly going to miss those sweet sounds. And you try SO hard to get words out. Sometimes you just get going and don't stop!

It was your FIRST CHRISTMAS and you turned 5 months old! Growing so healthy and we are so thankful!

Finley you straight up showed me here how you felt about all the picture taking! Haha! 

You love your breakfast time but you do not like your plastic bibs. Mommy didn't even bother with them this morning obviously..

You have started to hang out on our bed some and you love to be sitting up now. If you are laying on your back you constantly try and pull yourself up.

 Christmas Eve we went to Mimi and Big Pop's for their Christmas..  you did so good but you were so ready to get home by the time it was over.

You've been such a good girl Santa came to see you! You were pretty happy about it and in such a happy mood Christmas Day.

Everyone came over after me, you, and your Daddy had some family time...
you even got in a nap with Grandma Kathy.

You were so tickled to be going to your Pa!

This face just cracks me up!

And you were so excited to get your very first fishing pole!

It was SO warm the day after Christmas that we had brunch on the porch. You still love being outside.

That night we had Hopper Christmas at Aunt Tracie's.. you still loved tearing into all the wrapping and tissue paper!

Have to take the opportunity when I can to get pictures with you since Mommy is always the one behind the camera.. Love this one of us!

This was one of the last few times you napped in your swing/bassinet! 
Love to see you smiling even in your sleep.

You've started laying your head down on your Daddy's chest and snuggle in his neck too. He loves his cuddles with you.

You got so many outfits we had lots of photo shoots.. well we tried. 

I loved being off work for such a long period of time and rocking you.

You love love your bumbo seat! I'm so thankful Megan got you this seat because it takes up no room at all. It's perfect for you to sit up in since you are ALL about seeing everything and what's going on!

As you can see by your attire, the warm weather continued! You are getting to be such a big girl! Time sure has flown so fast. 
Can't believe you are standing here (you've got some pretty strong legs while we are on the subject).


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