Monday, January 4, 2016

Finley // Week 21


You spit up a TON this week! Goodness gracious it was all over you and anybody else who was holding you and there wasn't any such thing as keeping dry clothes on you.

You also had your first little runny nose/cold. Mommy called the doctor on Monday Dec 14th and because you sounded like you could cough if you knew how, they wanted you to come in. Dr Setia said whatever it was that it was on the tail end and for you to use Oceans nasal spray (just drop a couple drops in your nose). You never ran a fever tho and as crazy as the weather was cold and hot, I wonder if you just had some allergy/sinus stuff. He also took notice of your neck still going more to one side and said that tummy time was your 'physical therapy' and to still do our exercises.

Your diapers have gotten a little better but not as good as I would like for them to be.

We had so much fun before work this day! Amber made you these crochet goodies and you were just absolutely enjoying yourself as you can see. Hee hee.

This facial expression just cracks me up every time I see it!


While we were at the doctors office, I told Dr Setia you had not shown really any interest in solids. He said I was doing everything perfect with them but just said for you to keep trying them.
You did have apples for the first time on Dec 15th and you loved them!

December 12 was Gigi's birthday and we went to Inoko to celebrate! She turned 15!
You got a little fussy right before we got there and got so mad you pulled your car seat cover in front of you and then you passed out. You woke up once we sat down and just chilled and watched everything and towards the end of the meal we got you out and you just sat in my lap and continued your people watch.

Sunday Dec 13 was the LONGEST amount of time thus far I've been away from you! It was torture! I did hair in Dalonegha and later on your Daddy met me for the wedding. We didn't get home until 9ish that night and this was happy happy happy baby on Monday! I missed you SO SO MUCH!

That night we had our salon Christmas party. It was at Whitney's house and was so much fun! Her house was decorated so beautifully and the fellowship was great. Everyone was there and of course you got to hang out with your boyfriend Briggsy.

You were a little fussy that evening but I really think it's because you don't like a lot of noise. Your Daddy eventually laid you on the play gym and were just content as can be. I don't think you like all the passing around and people holding you either. 

And here is your Daddy sporting his white elephant gift. Ha!


You slept in your crib Dec 11 ALL night! And then you went back to your bassinet for a few nights. 
You have had some amazing nights sleeping 10-12 hour stretches. 


Kyli has been getting loves every chance she has been able to. All the puppies are still loving you and there have not been any doggie accidents. They are still trying to lick all over you and I have to tell them to stop.


Oh my goodness.. I promise you have given me kisses on my cheek. You just wrap your arms near around my neck or grab my hair and put your mouth on my cheek. I'll say ohhh weeee thank you for the kisses and you just grin or start to do it again! Sweetest thing ever!

Here was a good feeding we had and you were just talking talking enjoying every minute!

Anytime you are laying on your back you are playing with your feet..

I love to rock you sweet girl! So sweet. You still try and fight sleep sometimes but naps are getting easier.

And when you have naps you are happier than you already are! I love seeing your sweet smiles when I come get you from a nap. You smile SO BIG!


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