Thursday, January 7, 2016

Finley // Week 22

Finley, this week was super busy for Mommy at work and getting all the Christmas shopping done and making sure all the presents were just so that I really didn't write down a whole lot of notes. I'm so sad about this because my Mommy brain is taking over and not allowing me to remember any milestones you may have had for this week. As you can see from your pictures it seemed you were one happy, happy, happy baby! Which you are most of the time and THAT makes ME happy, happy, happy. You did spend A LOT of time with your Daddy and Gamma with me working more (my clients kept me busy wanting to be all beautified before Christmas). I missed you SO much on those busy work days and could NOT WAIT to get home to you.

So here is this week in pictures and more of 


Ok so I do remember you getting better with your solids! And I did find out very quickly that you do not like the plastic bibs. Goodness you would fuss when those were on you.

You are still loving your feet!

Happy Happy baby! I know I've already said it but I love your smiles!

I've still caught you sucking your thumb still at times.

And we had SEVERAL photo shoots because I wanted to get all your outfits. I think your Daddy doesn't like me taking your picture so much but we just have so much fun! I have always loved having pictures and I love looking at old pictures too (like from when your Grandmother Kathy was younger) It's so much fun to look back!

There was some CRAZY warm weather for December.. like up in the 70's. I'm not going to lie it was sort of nice and I enjoyed it!

La La (amber) let us borrow the girls tree for your nursery..
I LOVE this picture!

I only had a couple days to finish shopping and one afternoon we scooped up Gigi and headed to Athens to try and finish. You were SO good and Gigi was such a great help.

Later on when we got back home you worked on your heel stretches! Ha! Future cheerleader?

Happy morning baby! You are growing so fast little girl.

On December 20th, we had Christmas at Mama Jane's.. (There will be a separate post for all our Christmas') 
You had SO much fun tearing into that paper and it was so much fun with all of us watching you. I really think that's all everyone wanted to do.

You and Knox were having a good ol' time here after all the gift opening.

And look who made it home! You were so excited to see your Uncle Ko Ko!

You got your first cabbage patch dolls!

You woke up a happy baby the next morning! We made breakfast together. 

Baby's First Christmas!

Mara loves you so much she wanted to be in the picture too! You were loving watching her walk around before she finally came and laid down beside you.

Love this picture of you and your Daddy! Your first trip to see Santa! We went to the Christmas Cottage at Galilee Church and to have been woken up from a heavy sleep you did great! (you had just fallen asleep after not napping all day and it was only for about 20 minutes)

I really thought that you would've pulled Santa's beard because you had been doing that lately but you didn't. I love how your pictures turned out!

Get ready for Christmas pictures! It was such a great first Christmas with you Finley!
We love you!


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