Friday, January 1, 2016

Finley // Week 20

Finley, it has been one busy month and this Mama has been a wee bit behind on your weekly posts. I did take some great notes tho! Love these posts for you to look back on one day and see what you and our little family were doing!

We have no complaints here in the health department! You are one healthy little girl. 

You did have a serious stomach ache here this particular day, and this is how we sat for quite some time. We just bounced and bounced and it was the only way that you were able to get comfortable. Every time I tried to move you, you got really upset, so I just laid you back down and we would continue to bounce.

You are such a happy, happy baby!
First time in your blue jeans.. soooo cute!


This week, depending on what day it was, you really didn't have much interest in solids. You pretty much preferred your bottle and sometimes you wanted solids and your milk instead of water when you had your solid meals.


In my note taking, I wasn't so good in the sleep department.. oops. 


I know Mara's ears are back right here and she looks a little questionable but they seriously love you and you are so interested in them when they come up to you. You slowly put your hands up and try to pet them and most of the time you get licked on and if they aren't too sure about your 'petting', they just get down and go about their own business.

One afternoon, Kyli was hanging out with us and you had a handful of fur under her neck.. She didn't do anything but just look up like 'somebody help me!'. As soon as I removed your hand, she just went on to do her own thing.

This is one of my favorite pictures of you! You were soooo happy! (But I think you can tell from the picture without me saying anything)

Your Great Aunt Judy made this Christmas bib.. It's one of my favorites.

On December 5th, you went to hang out at Mama Jane's house while Me and your Grandmother Kathy went and spent a little time together for her birthday. 

When I got back to Mama Jane's, you hung out with Ty-Ty and just had a ball! You kept playing with his goatee and just kept cracking me and Aunt Tammy up!

When it was time for us to go, I had to get all your stuff together, so I put you on the couch with Ty and y'all just straight chilled together.

I love you in your bows and your Daddy doesn't like them at all. Ha!

'3 AMIGAS' continued...

I got asked if I staged these pictures of you and Kyli and the answer is NO. We were playing in your nursery when Kyli decided to join in on the fun! And of course, I couldn't miss snapping a few lot of pictures of you two...

Love your smiles!

And love seeing you interact and love on our puppies!

As you can see you scratched your face and I came home one afternoon and your Daddy had cut your fingernails. They grow so fast and get so sharp!


Being just adorable!! Ok so I know I'm a little biased buuuuut....

This picture brings me back to being at work this afternoon and missing you so bad I almost walked out on all my clients! I would have never have done that but it was that bad!

You still LOVE bath time! 

One of your new things is your baby yoga moves. Any time you are on your back, you feet are in your hands and sometimes you even try to eat your toes.. you pretty much 'talk' the whole time as well.

This week and a few weeks before leading up, I really didn't see you having much interest in your paci and you would actually chew on the sides of it. I know it's because of you teething but you don't like the teething rings out of the fridge. 

You arched your back in your car seat for the first time! You don't seem to mind it but maybe you were just having a moment. 

We went to Whitney's house and helped her flock one of her trees! And between drool, your bottle leaking, and spit up we ran out of bibs and also went thru your Christmas outfit as soon as we got there.

We had tree farm pictures taken and you did SO good!!

We chose this one for the front of our Christmas card this year. You can see more from our session here.


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