Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Birthday Party + Lots of Kisses

This past Saturday, Fin and I made our way to Brynn's 4th birthday party. It was a Super Girl theme and at Brynn's request, Donut's were the food of choice. It was SO adorable! Her 4 year pictures were awesome as well.. princess and super girl theme!

It ended up being a little overcast which I thought turned out great because it wasn't smoldering hot like it has been. Finley enjoyed herself as well! I got her suited up in her bathing suit, which everyone had a fit over, and we made our way to the water! She loves the pool, as I thought she would because she really enjoys bath time so much.

She found lots of toys scattered about and a water table that she had a great time splashing in too.

Daddy was out of town, so I always try and send him pictures to keep him updated on Miss Fin. So here she is trying to wave at him.

After playing on the water table and in the pool, we found the pebbles and, well, I guess we could get this child a bag of pebbles for her birthday! She turned into Miss Busy Bee picking the pebbles up, putting them in the first chair, then placing them in the second chair, then back to the first and then she put them back where she found them on the ground. It was hysterical to watch! I think she could've sat here forever.

Love these chunky thighs!! I could just eat her up.

Her new thing is to walk holding only one hand and she can get going pretty fast! I know it shouldn't be too long before she is going to be on her own.

And I know she is mine but this is just too precious not to share... Fin and Brigg's meet again and OH MY GOODNESS Finley would not take her hands off of him! She just LIT UP when Whitney brought him over to us and she just hugged and gave him tons of kisses. 
The. Sweetest. Thing. Ever. 

We were all cracking up!

Brigg's had to lean in and give her one too!

I know, how many pictures can I post of them smooching? Babies are just precious.

At the car when we were trying to leave, Finley got a little irritated that she wasn't right next to Brigg's. And the kisses just continue!!

I think Brigg's had had enough but Fin was making sure the other gals knew he was hers! ;)

After the pool party, we stopped by to see La La for a little bit!

We had a great time catching up and visiting!

Of course, we had to find some cartoons since Finley found the remote. She had fun with the puppies too! And, I think Walker was trying to protect Finley from Indie at times. At one point, Finley squeeled tho and Walker went running! Ha! I don't think he knew what to think at all! 
(Walker is Amber's Boxer and Indie is a Rott mix(?) Sweetest dogs ever!)


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