Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Mary Kay Andrews // Afternoon with Awesome Amber

This past Sunday, I met BFF Amber at our hometown public library to see the very talented Mary Kay Andrews! 
A couple years ago, the Hopper gals set out on our annual trip, and we were surprised to see her at Seaside Sisters.. we had no idea she was going to be there! You can read more following the link, but I bought Save the Date and it is SO good! I couldn't put it down and I loved that it was set in Savannah. I could almost see a movie playing in my head while I was reading.. just knowing where the streets are and scenery, and her detailing is amazing!

Waiting on MKA to speak before signing... Girl time was WONDERFUL!! I really don't see Amber enough..

She spoke about the setting of her new book The Weekenders, how the book came about, some fun details in the book, and then we were able to ask questions at the end. It was SO interesting!
 Did you know her real name is not Mary Kay Andrews? I had no idea!

She is so funny and I think that comes out in her book Save the Date as well. This is the only one I really have to go by.. Sadly, I haven't had an opportunity yet to start her new one but I am looking forward to it!

These are my cousins Wendy and Jaycee.. I got a text that said "I'm behind you" HA! They were actually a little late and were able to speak to MKA before they grabbed a seat. How awesome! Wendy was my MOH and Jaycee was one of my flower girls in our wedding.

I'll have to say that I've never been in our public library since they moved but it was SO nice! Definitley will have to take Finley there when she gets older for story times and such.

Amber and her Mom...

I had to get my MIL her own copy! She was keeping Finley so I could get out..

And my signed, personalized copy!!

HA! Thank you sweet husband! I'll definitely be booking this soon!


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