Monday, December 8, 2014

Annual Hopper Girls SAV Trip 2014

Saturday we set out early to make our way to Savannah for our annual trip!
You can read more about the previous years here.
After what seemed like a forever ride in the fog almost the whole way there, we finally made it to Tybee! After fighting the parade traffic that we just happened to make it in time for, we got checked into the hotel, changed and made our way to Sundae Cafe for their famous fish tacos. If you are EVER on Tybee I suggest you check them out. They have tons of goodies on the menu but these are irresistible! This was my only request on the trip. FYI they are closed on Sundays.

After that we ended up at one of our favorite stores, Seaside Sisters, and SURPRISE!!! Mary Kay Andrews was there signing books! She was super sweet and didn't give a second thought to take pictures with us. I have already started her newest book too and it is SOOOO good!

Sunset Saturday night headed to Savannah.

Now, the previous years we head down to Riverstreet because they have vendors set up along the street. They have the best stuff! And what I was really looking forward to was getting these amazing candles I found last year. However, due to the downtown parade traffic, we rode around for two hours fighting traffic and trying to find a parking place, only to get lost in another part of town and finding our way back to Tybee. 
It. Was. Crazy. 

Sunday we got up and had breakfast at this great breakfast place. I had what seemed like the best spinach and veggie omelet ever. 
We then took a walk out on the beach to look for some seashells. It was FREEZING and so windy it cut right thru you. I had my ears covered up and the wind was just cutting thru my scarf. Yikes.

After that we made our way back to Riverstreet... soooo much easier than the night before BUT none of the vendors were there. It's only Friday and Saturday. Boo we missed it! We shopped a couple of shops anyway and of course I had to stop and get Coach some sweet goodies.

Last minute fun with Santa!

And that's a wrap! 
Please excuse me, I have to get back to reading!



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