Monday, December 15, 2014


OH heeeeyyyy...
It's just me..
I know I was only here once last week. Not much has been going on except busy at work making every one feel and look their best for Christmas! Busy Busy Busy!
Nothing exciting going on here except for lots of rest this weekend and cuddling with my Pups. 
I have loved just relaxing and admiring my tree that I have yet to share with you guys.. one of my favorites!

Here is my weekend in no particular order..


It has been forever since I have made Chicken Alfredo. Probably because its an order of thunder thighs with a side of badonkadonk.. I did however find a low calorie sauce recipe that I can share with you guys. Shane LOVED it! Now for the fatty part.. I DID add cheese tortellini. Oh my goodness it was divine and we got our Italian fix.


I FINALLY ordered our Christmas cards! Yet another year a tad bit late. The good news is it shipped the next day so I am expecting them any time now! Whoo hoo!


Kyli turned 8 Saturday! 
She wanted me to let you guys know she is 8 years young.


I probably follow way too many humane society and shelter pages on Facebook. I just love animals.
It kills a piece of my soul to know how many dogs and cats suffer out there because there are ignorant people who THINK they need a dog/cat, just to bring them home to neglect them and treat them like crap. 

 Another thing that could help with so many dogs and cats being in shelters is people getting their animal spayed/neutered! There are SO many places that offer discounts on this type of thing and you can get certificate discounts online and the vet will honor it! I did this with Mara when I decided it was best her forever home would be with us! It took all of 5 minutes to fill out. 
I realize this is my opinion and people may not see this topic the way I do, however I want to do everything I can to help save a life. If you have someone that is considering getting a cat/dog for Christmas step up and ask them have they FOR SURE thought of the long term road with them?? And encourage them to ADOPT NOT SHOP! There are SO many precious animals in shelters that deserve a LOVING, FOREVER home. I promise they know exactly where they come from and will give you unconditional love. 


Our Salon Christmas party is tonight!
I'm so excited we are all bringing our spouses and also playing the white elephant game. 
Can't wait to share with y'all one of my white elephant gifts. It's pretty clever if I do say so myself. Even Shane was cracking up.



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