Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Hopper Wedding... Couples Shower

I missed one more of our wedding showers that was thrown for us! This was our very first shower.
It was held just down the road from us at a place called The Judson House. It was the coolest little coffee shop/sandwich place in which I said I was going to go back to and never did.. and one day I drove by and it had closed. Boo.
We had TONS of food.. as you can see.. and it was DELISH!

Mom and Connie

Connie and Sue

Jud, Mom, Stephanie

Ricky and Steve

Mom, I like that pocket book.. do you still have it?

Always a fun time with these ladies!

I wish I could remember what was so funny! Ha!

Don't be shy about filling that plate Coach! ;)

Shannon and Amy

Because everyone needs a picture of themselves eating..

Karen and Bebomb <---- nickname.. I think I got it right?

Brad, Scott, Karen, and Kelly

Me and the twins.. Jennifer on the left Georgia on the right. We grew up together and I pretty much lived with Georgia in Middle School and High School. Then later on Jennifer and I lived together in Athens at one point.

My Mom 

Jenn and Georgia are SO creative! This was one of my absolute FAVORITES! They gave us a laundry basket filled with goodies and each item represented each number. Oh my goodness.. so thoughtful and creative. I wish I had a picture of the items in the basket. Let's see if I can remember...
1. Coat hangers
2. Gain product
3. Towels
4. Matches
5. Toothpicks ??
6. Measuring cups
7. Spoons
8. I can't remember this one but I do remember a can of Cinnamon air freshener spray??
9. Rubbermaid items
10. Oven Mit

Shane, Ryan, and Scott

Our hosts/hostesses

We were so thankful for this turnout and everyone who took time out of their busy schedules to host this shower for us and thankful for the awesome gifts everyone showered us with!



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