Thursday, December 18, 2014

Sassafras Christmas Party

This past Monday the Sassafras got together at Pastor Arlene and Mr. Vernon's house for our Christmas party. This year everyone was able to attend, Whitney had the flu last year, plus our husbands/boyfriends. 
They have the most peaceful home! 

Me, Whitney, Karen
Cari, Bre, Deneen, Arlene, Sha, Robbie

I'm truly not exaggerating when I say we have THE most fun and we are always rolling in the floor at something that one of us has come up with. Our hashtags in our group text messages are absolutely hysterical. 

I was in charge of bringing a dessert.
Brownie Oreo Truffle friends.

Mama Arlene and Mr. Vern

Rueban, Robbie, Arlene
Jake, Cari, Deneen

Steven and Sha

Daniel, Whitney, Brynn

Love this picture Bre took!

Karen and Matt

Robbie and Shane talking after dinner.

So the salon drew names, we had a $20 limit, and each went one at a time opening our gifts, and we also played the white elephant game with gag gifts. We had SUCH a great time! I told y'all I couldn't wait to share the gag gift I came up with.. I was at Ingle's getting everything I needed and at the last minute I thought hhmmm I wonder if they have anything in this $1 kids section. 

Has anyone seen this??

It has become a joke in the salon.. everything is six hunnit n fiddy dollas.
I found this play money and I just couldn't resist. Somewhere the creative juices started flowing and this is what I came up with.

Everyone was cracking up and Whitney ended up stealing it for her white elephant gift that they do with her family at Christmas. 

Such a fun night of fellowship! Definitely lots of laughs and I'm so glad everyone and the spouses/boyfriends were able to be apart of it as well!
We truly have such a wonderful work family!



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