Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Finishing the kitchen...

Well my goodness. 
Coach is not wasting anytime getting our home projects finished before the little one makes his/her debut. Which is totally fine with me! I do NOT want to be rushing around at the last minute about anything.

Amber's husband Ben does some amazing construction work, so over the past couple of days he has checked out the house and what we need to get done, him and Coach worked today, and he is coming back tomorrow to work on some more. 

Check out our new lighting under the cabinets...

I am SOOOO EXCITED!!! There are two different settings and I can actually SEE!!! 

We officially have a door frame..

Finished the trim...

And work on the mantle/fireplace has begun.

We are going to try and find a brick looking tile for the backsplash. They did such a GREAT JOB!
Can't wait to see how the rest will turn out!



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