Monday, December 1, 2014

Weekending // Thanksgiving Shenanigans Puppy Edition

This Thanksgiving was pretty relaxing and I can't believe I go back to work tomorrow.. These past five days have flown by! We started our Thanksgiving Day at my Mama Jane's house.. I normally get pictures of all of us but this year I didn't.. BOO. I will try and do better at Christmas. With us having to go right after to Shane's Aunt's I think I did pretty good proportioning out my plate. I didn't over do it and I hardly ate any dessert at the end. We didn't even make a to go plate either! I think Coach was wishing he had one the next day but he lived. Wink, wink.

When we left his aunts house, this sweet baby was sitting in the middle of the road, at the stop sign, just shaking. I immediately got out of the car and picked him up. I'm not trying to be over kill when I say he was sooo SWEET! We went house to house and no one claimed him.. took him home.. called Shane's aunt and they told us where beagles were raised... they STILL did not claim him.. we brought him back home and he stayed with us until today. A non-profit no kill shelter took him in this morning. Only one of my amigas would play with him so we had to keep him in a kennel almost the whole time. To be in there most of the weekend he only whimpered just a few times. It was so pitiful. I tried to take him out as much as I could and we even played outside for awhile before I took him in. I know he was crying when the vet took him to the back, but I'm just seriously trying to pretend it wasn't him. It broke my heart. I choked up right before I walked out of the office and cried when I got to the car. I'm sure they were thinking "if this woman is crying why doesn't she just keep him?" We would be busting at the seams over here if we did.

After I dropped him off today, my cousin messaged me telling me one of her students was interested in him. We have put him in contact with the lady I dealt with at the shelter and I pray he gets him out with out any fees.. it's $300 to adopt!!!! I emailed her as well but I'm thinking she isn't responding because I had to sign a release form. In any event, I pray he goes fast to a loving, responsible home!

After all of that, against my husbands wishes, probably, he got down one of my Christmas trees and decorations so I could start decorating. I just LOVE it!
I spray painted this tree last year and flocked it for the first time and I did it again this year. You can check out the how to here. It smells soo good!

Saturday we finally got our tree! Our tree hunting on Thanksgiving didn't happen this year but it was so pretty and mild Saturday it was good with me. This tree reminds me of the first tree we had together.. not quite as big but just FULL and perfect.

Mara usually gets in the lights every year and I take her picture but she didn't this year. So we just got her pic in front of the tree sittin' pretty.

Coach has bragged on the tree this year. I think it is my favorite one to decorate since we have been together! I wanted country southern and I think it turned out pretty good! Of course, I don't think pictures do it justice. It still needs a bow but I ran out of ribbon. Coach suggested doing it in burlap and to avoid spending money on the ribbon I think that's just what I'm gonna do!
When I get it finished I plan on sharing with y'all the front porch and the rest of the house decor. It's my favorite time to decorate!

I just wish we had room in our living room for the tree so we could see the WHOLE thing and enjoy more of it. I can only see just a tad bit from where I am sitting on the couch.


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