Monday, November 7, 2016

BUMPDATE // Baby #2 // 14 Weeks

HOW FAR ALONG// 14 Weeks

BABY SIZE// About the size of a lemon.

This week I've felt much better except my stomach has still felt sour at times, with some nausea.. I've had some pains at times which I think is round ligament pain? From what I've read this seems like it should be lower but it's been around my oblique area. My sleeping seems to be a little better using my oils. I do get bad headaches at times which I feel like that's from me needing to drink more water. It's just still a little challenging to stomach.


I've still been doing the rubberband trick with my pants and loose tops. It's been SO HOT still here in Georgia that you could wear shorts and a t-shirt still. I have NOT wanted to wear shorts with these pasty legs so it's been a little challenging in the clothes dept as far as dressing for weather and being comfortable. I did try on a maternity dress this week I already had and it just looked ridiculous with my belling not filling the stomach area out all the way. Ha. I had a meltdown in my closet Thursday but there were several things that were going on while I was trying to get ready and I just let all of it get to me.


Much better using my oils. I don't think I've had to get up as much for the bathroom so that's been great but I do have to flip from side to side.

MOVEMENT// none yet


This pregnancy has been so different than with Finley. In the beginning of this one, I just ate whatever I could. Which really wasn't much except for saltines and sprite, a few milkshakes, bread, and oatmeal. I could NOT eat anything. It's gotten much better at times but I haven't really been able to do spicy foods. With Finley, I couldn't get food hot enough!! Dairy makes me sick, so really my diet has consisted of carbs, fruit, and occasional protein. I'm hoping that also gets better from here on out.

GENDER// find out at 20 weeks

WHAT I MISS// Waking up and just feeling amazing. It takes me so much time to get going and for my stomach to feel OK.


Besides my every Wednesday apt with my trainer, I maybe do t25 once or twice a week. I'm not sure if this past Wed was my last one or if I have another month with her. I can tell when I do workout that I do feel much better .. so if I could just muster up the energy to initially get out of bed early enough before Finley wakes up, I know I would probably feel even better.


I honestly don't feel "connected" to this pregnancy as I did with Fin. Is it because you are so busy with a 1 year old, work, and keeping up in general with your daily life? I feel like there are many factors that are making me feel disconnected. I'm really trying to be positive and have a better attitude but, after all, I am human and I'm just not one to pretend that I'm superwoman or perfect.


I know I've had a couple this week but nothing stands out in my mind that seemed to be odd. When I have dreamt, I wake up feeling like I haven't slept AT ALL and I just want to go back to bed.


He's been touching my belly more and we have officially nicknamed this one, squirt. In a text message not too long ago, it just came to me, and that's what I wrote and its stuck ever since.


Kyli has continued to be all over me and they are just enjoying having all of us home most of the time. Finley has really become buddy buddy with Kyli and Mara.


Continuing to have a healthy pregnancy and having no serious problems arise.


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