Sunday, October 30, 2016

Washington Farms 2016

Friday I took off work and that afternoon we went to Washington Farms for the first time. I'm loving these fall activities even tho it is still in the 80's. Oh my goodness so hot!!

Finley fell asleep on the way there and napped FOREVER! So Coach and I found this AWESOME country store and got some snacks and drinks and chilled in the truck for awhile until Finley woke up. Although she never did on her own so we woke her before it got too late. And she was totally fine and didn't fuss at all. The only thing she didn't want was to be put in her stroller at first so Coach carried her a good bit. I feel like my belly is already getting in the way and it kills my back most of the time.

We paid and got our wristbands, walked up to all the festivities, got our picture made, and then began with seeing the animals. Before we got there, I had to take a bathroom break and Finley found a ball in the meantime. She carried that thing around with her and we finally were able to throw it back without a fuss.

O. M. G. the smell was so strong to me and if we didn't get out when we did I may have gotten sick. 
Finley wasn't too sure about this piggie and it squealing.

These goats were so cute. I'd love to have some at home!

The peacocks were gorgeous and I wish they would've fanned their feathers. She wanted them to come to her so bad.

She loved being able to pet the animals that she could and I was SO happy to find a soap and water station where she could wash her hands after.

Shane got one of the baby cows to come up to him while we were riding in the cow cart (I have no idea what else to call it) but I think I scared it away when we walked back up before we got to pet her good. Oops.

I enjoyed this myself! Ha!

Fin saw these frogs and had to check them out for herself! And Shane said, "hoppy.. you gotta get a picture in front of that!"

haha this face.

 And this one too. 

She loved this thing!

We ended the night by getting something to eat and I was dying to get some of their fresh squeezed lemonade. I could've bought a whole gallon and brought it home with me. I made myself refrain from buying another. Whew!

It was dark by the time we left and when we got in the truck Shane said, "well I think she enjoyed that and I guess we have a new tradition". I said yes she did and yes, setting traditions and making memories is my goal. It's so much better than buying something. 
This weekend was the last weekend and I'm so glad we went. We will definitley be going back next year and now I'm wanting to check out their spring and summer activities. There was so much more to do that Finley just wasn't big enough for this time but I know she should enjoy when she does get a little bigger. We are looking forward to next time!


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