Wednesday, October 19, 2016

BUMPDATE // Baby #2 // 11 Weeks

HOW FAR ALONG// 11 weeks

BABY SIZE// About the size of a fig.


Well I thought things were looking up at 10 weeks but this week the naseau and sour stomach came back with a vengeance!! Wow this stuff is rough for sure! There have been many tears shed.

MATERNITY CLOTHES// Maternity jeans wouldn't stay up on my booty so I went back to my jeans with the rubberband trick and loose shirts. I just look like I've had too many biscuits right now and I'm not ready for maternity tops.

SLEEP// Sleep has been great for the most part except when I feel super bad.


GENDER// will find out 20 weeks


feeling good enough to be able to keep up with Finley and enjoy us doing things. This has been one of the hardest things for me being sick like this. 


 Last Wednesday was my official 11 weeks and I was so sick I hardly didn't make it thru the workout, we had to change some things, and I left without doing cardio. I came home and went back to bed.

EMOTIONS// up and down just depending on how I've been feeling

DREAMS// none that I can remember

HUBBY'S THOUGHTS// He's been so amazing taking care of me and Finley!

3 AMIGAS THOUGHTS// Kyli is all over me and Mara and Kyli are loving all over Fin... or maybe its the other way around. I've had to watch Finley this week with their licking and her putting her face all over them!


Well this has nothing to do with being pregnant but Shane and I did get out for a date Friday. It had been a long time and I was pretty sick and couldn't wait to get home, but it was nice having that time with him.


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