Saturday, October 29, 2016

Finley // 13 - 15 Months

Finley, time is flying by and you are getting so big and changing so much. Your little personality is shining and its been so much fun seeing your little mind work, you figuring out new things, throwing a new facial expression at us, loving on the pups, mastering walking and now running thru the house.. I could keep going! 

You love playing with Mommy's makeup!

You love to read and I pray this continues.


You had your 15 month checkup on October 24th. You weighed in at 23 lbs, you're height was 30 1/4, and HC was 18 1/2. You got another perfect report that we are so blessed and happy about and you only cried for a couple minutes while getting your shot, until I picked you up. You even babbled with Dr Setia until he started checking you and then you were done. 

You have been pretty healthy over the past few months and only have seemed to get a runny nose when the weather first started changing. I would put Ocean Spray drops in your nose as Dr advised and try to keep your nose suctioned out.

Since your eye teeth started coming in at the beach, you've since gotten your 2 front teeth (around September 15th) and 2 more on the bottom beside your middle two teeth (one around Sept 30th and the other started coming thru around Oct 25th). Most children I've been around your age have most if not all of their teeth but yours have been slow coming in, which I've heard is better in the long run. You eat just fine with what you have and you 'brush' your teeth pretty well in my opinion.

At 15 months, you are mostly in 18 month pants and 18th month onesies. Some 12 month clothes that ran bigger are still fitting but we will definitely be getting you some clothes for when it cools off.

We have fun with Gigi!

You are loving your cabbage patch dolls and I can't wait to take you to the Cabbage Patch.


The only thing I feel like we haven't introduced you to is fish and shellfish. I think you did have a couple bites of salmon at the beach but nothing too major. You will eat just about anything but I have to say in the last couple weeks, I feel like you've gotten pretty picky. I'm not sure it its your teething or if I need to try and cook more variety. Which I'm so sorry I haven't done more lately.. this pregnancy has hindered my cooking abilities. 
You still love your sweet potatoes, apples, watermelon, strawberries, and greens. I make a different kind of Sloppy Joes recipe and you love that. I made lasagna for the first time not too long ago and you enjoyed that for quite some time. You also love spaghetti. I made it with ground turkey one time and you did NOT like it. Confession, I didn't either and I haven't bought it since.
Since my sickness has started in my pregnancy, just about all I like is bread and you've had some of my sandwiches and bites of blueberry bagel. I think the apple won't fall too far from the tree the way you seem to chow down on it.
Kyli loves to hang out right beside you just begging and hoping something will fall and more times than none, you will feed her. I started getting after her with the fly swatter and you took notes during that time! One afternoon we were in the kitchen and you can get into one of the baking drawers that has measuring cups, whisks, etc. I was unloading the dishwasher and looked behind me to find you beating Kyli with the whisk. I told you 'no ma'am' and you threw the whisk in the drawer and slammed the drawer shut and looked up at me like 'yeah I slammed it, what are you gonna do'. I wanted to laugh so hard.


I have to say that your sleeping has continued to be great, except when you don't get your afternoon nap, you are up in the middle of the night and nothing seems to satisfy you. We try to keep a routine and especially at bedtime, we eat, then bath, then you have a little bit of playtime and you mostly love to read during this time. There have been a few times when I've sat to 'rock' you and you point to your crib and make your little 'uh' sound. I'll say, do you want to lay down in your crib? and you will point again and that's all there is to it. After I found out you were going to have a baby brother or sister, you seemed to do this more and I feel like God is just working things out. You even pointed to your crib for nap time for the first time on October 28th. I love sitting with you at nap time so that one kind of broke my heart but it's a great thing how well you are going down to sleep. We have had our moments where you have fought and fought and also had bad nights but thankfully it's not all the time.

This was at our family reunion and anytime you see a baby you point, get excited and want to give them a kiss no matter what. This is you cousin Willow.

Love you facial expressions and how happy and what fun you were having here.

First family beach trip! You were so good and it was such a wonderful trip. We can't wait, especially Mommy, to take you back. Mommy loves the beach so much I could move off this 'farm'. You enjoyed the water and sand so much.


You LOVE the amigas and I've really had to watch you lately with their kisses because you think it's hilarious for them to lick you right in the mouth. Kyli seems to be your biggest buddy but you will love on Sox as long as she doesn't scratch you with her nails and you give hugs and pat Mara. You have even 'brushed their hair' with your brush and they don't seem to mind.


You are just enjoying life and exploring new things everyday! You still love to be outside and you love your pink wagon you got for your birthday and I think could honestly stay in it forever as long as someone was pulling you. We go down the hills 'fast' in the yard and you will just giggle. I'm sure that little bit of a hill takes your breath away. It's been such a hot October that we've been able to play outside a good bit still and I'm so thankful. There have only been a few fall mornings where we've had to wrap up.

You love chasing the chickens in the yard and petting them. You like to visit the horses too and anytime we say "call them' you click your tongue and wave your hand for them to come. It's so cute.

You love to help with groceries and you will unpack the bags and bring me every single item you can pick up. You get frustrated when you can't.
You also help feeding the dogs and will take their bowls to them and call them to eat.

You have been figuring out your blocks and exactly what shape goes in what hole. You are loving to cuddle with your sock monkey and have even taken it to bed with you and cuddle with it. You love your baby dolls and 'feeding' them and you will just love and hug on them. You dance and especially to the hot dog dance on Mickey Mouse clubhouse. You also like Sesame Street and PAW Patrol.
La La got you a picnic basket for your birthday and you are learning what shapes go in the appropriate place on the plates and any toys that you have that have buttons and talk, you love pushing them and they keep your attention. You will even sway to music when you hear it.

You're really getting good at where your eyes, nose, toes, etc are. You have gotten better when Mommy does her t25 video and I'm pretty sure you were trying to do squats with me one time.
When we read, you've been able to point out objects that I call out. You can tell us what a cow, duck, horse, cat, dog, and lamb say. Several of these new things have seemed to just happen over night! 

You can say da da, mama (even tho you haven't said it since we've been back from the beach), no no no no, hello, hey, and just this past week you've started shaking your head no. You've tried to say Gigi a couple times.

For a little bit, you got out of kissing and hugging and then our sweet sweet sweet baby came back and you will hug and squeeze us and give us kisses.. here lately tho you turn your head for a kiss and just want us to kiss you on the cheek. Either way, its the sweetest. 

I've tried to stay on a routine of going to church.. not only do feel it's important for us but I also enjoy it as well. There have been several mornings we don't make, especially when I haven't felt the greatest, but its always wonderful when we make it. You don't do great when I first drop you off but you must be better after I'm out of sight because no one has had to come get me yet. Sometimes you are even sleeping when I get out to pick you up. We've gone to youth once since there is no child care for adult classes on Wednesday nights. You stayed by close to Mommy but I think you recognized one of the girls who helps with nursery and by the end of the night, you opened up and we even colored while the youth worked on a painting project. I think you enjoyed the music as well.

You still love bath time. You've started getting really scared when the dogs bark and will come running or want to be held. You point at airplanes in the sky. Like 'driving' the cars. Playing on the back porch. 

You'll 'put on' lipstick. Brush your hair. Try and put your clothes on.

If we are in the living room and you want to go to your room, you will grab my hand and point.
You still play peek-a-boo and will hold your hands over your face, wait for us to say, "where's Filey", and then you take them down and just grin and laugh.

You have mastered commands like throw it in the trash, sit on your bottom, take it to daddy/mommy, pick it up, and put that back. I try to use please and thank you and one day you even mimicked thank you but that's been the only time. 

Such a big helper with the groceries.

This day you carried your baby around in this bag.

You enjoyed painting and I hope you love to paint like Mommy one day!

You love to help around the house and even vacuuming too.

We were at Hadlee's birthday party and this was just the best part for you. You weren't too happy passing the bat for someone else.

We went swimming with Weasy Kat one afternoon and you passed out.

Playing in the rain!

Goo Dawgs! I think I almost had you doing 'touchdown' one Saturday!

You have not been a fan of shoes but I got these from Whitney and you have enjoyed them and you have even worn the Minnetonkas. So excited about your progress with shoes! It makes going outside so much easier.

You love this wagon and this particular morning it was just a wee bit chilly. We wrapped up and you still enjoyed it.

This face on the left is your new facial expression and its just adorable. And all your teeth just make you look so grown. You do a cheesy smile too and squint your eyes. 

We made it to the church pumpkin patch and you had fun picking out the perfect pumpkin. Post on this family tradition coming up next.

Which one Dad? I don't know?

There was one afternoon I just had to get us out of the house so I decided on Menchie's. I thought you would enjoy the ice cream and you wouldn't even try it. You just wanted to dig around in my purse for my phone and then when we packed up you screamed and we had several people looking at us. Ha! It was just one of those days. You did like taking this selfie tho.

Feeding your baby doll. You also go nom nom nom nom while you are doing this. Sometimes you want me or your Daddy to take the baby doll and feed it and love on it too.

One of those few chilly mornings! You look so grown here to me and you do a great job brushing your teeth!


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