Sunday, November 20, 2016

BUMPDATE // Baby #2 // 16 Weeks

HOW FAR ALONG// 16 Weeks

I spelled FLYING wrong. Ha!

BABY SIZE// About the size of an avocado.

I think I've felt much better this week as far as not having any nausea unless something has a horrific smell or I'm stuck changing one of Finley's poo diapers. I haven't had as much sleep as I'd like but she has been crying out around 4AM and I'm stuck staring at the walls praying that I'll fall back asleep. Since I have been feeling better, I've been doing way too much probably. I even have 2 of our trees up. I can defnitley tell when I have done a lot because the next day, I'm paying for it. 
I've found this week that between 5 and 6 hours of working my body starts feeling like it's going to shut down. I've gotten really shaky a couple times at work like my sugar dropping and like I could just fall asleep right there on the spot. I guess it's my age, how long I've been working BTC, and not getting enough rest that even after just a couple of hours of standing, I'm ready to get off my feet and go home. After Thanksgiving, my hours are going to be cut back for sure.
When I've gotten up from sitting, I've gotten really dizzy.
My legs hurt so bad and a couple of nights this week, I've felt like I've had restless body syndrome. I know 2 nights I tossed and turned and my legs would not be still. I felt like I was going to jump out of my skin. Finally, I fell asleep.
I had a doctor appt on Monday 14th and everything was perfect! I gained 2 lbs since my last appt so 5 lbs total. My bp was 100/64 and the heartbeat was 140. I saw Dr Elder this time so that was nice and he was very pleased with everything.


I've been living in my new maternity leggings but did wear a pair of jeans this week with rubberband trick and belly band. I'm scared I'm going to wear out the leggings like I did my maxi skirts. I did NOT wear them ONE time this summer. I should probably just give them away to someone.


Not very good and I'm so exhausted when I go to bed. I feel like I get in a deep sleep but if I hear anything, I'm awake and it takes me forever to fall back asleep.. if I ever get there before my appetite kicks in.


I felt pretty good movement for the first time on November 17th, on my way home from work. I turned down the radio like I thought that would help me feel the movement better! LOL! I felt him/her into the night at the top of my belly.

GENDER// We find out December 5th.


Great sleep.. energy to its fullest.


I think I got in one workout this week. Honestly I've just been really busy at work, and I sleep and lay around as long as I can before I have to get ready and then go straight to work. I've just been working too long of hours and I'm going to start listening to my body.


I'm feeling much better and feeling the baby move for the first time was amazing. We've still had some mild weather and being outside with Finley when we can has been great as well.


Yes, I've been having some crazy dreams this week.


He's been calling the baby a he and just trying to speak it into existance! He said he wants his own mini me around the house.


Behaving and loving on Finley.


Celebrating our anniversary and feeling Baby Hopper #2 moving pretty good.


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