Monday, February 5, 2018

Fallyn // Week 37

Fallyn, Week 37 was a little rough for you! Actually for all of us. 
Fin Fin got the flu on Monday, Mommy got it on Tuesday, and you were going thru a MAJOR leap. Mommy follows the Wonder Weeks App and I knew this one was going to be tough but boy was it ever! Your gums were bothering you so bad as well so it was a double whammy for you.

I was SO scared for you because of course we are all over each other and playing with the same toys and Fin Fin is always loving all over you, and I did NOT want you to get the flu as well.
If you got it, you did not run any high fever, you did run a low grade fever one of those days but I truly believe it was your gums.. your leap was also to end later on going into Week 38 and by the end of this week, you were getting so much better.

You try and stand up all the time!

You were supposed to be taking a nap and you were wide awake playing!

All smiles on the morning Mommy was coming down with the sickness! I was so thankful to see these smiles through out the week!

Fin fin did not slow down not one bit having the flu. I think we caught it super early and got Tamiflu in all your systems, along with Young Living oils and hydration. This was one of the first times during your leap that you were back in the floor content with playing by yourself. Even tho in this moment, I think Fin brought you every toy out of your basket to keep you from getting upset. 
She is such a big helper!

J4 - 10


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