Thursday, December 29, 2016


HOW FAR ALONG// 21 Weeks

BABY SIZE// Size of a carrot.


Some days this week I've had tons of energy and other days I feel like I won't even be able to get out of the bed. I need a massage or adjustment so bad. I know I've been a little more stressed than normal so my upper back has been killing me since I carry my stress there. Somebody asked me last week how I was felt and my response was "large and in charge". And I do. I just feel massive. Especially in my thighs. 

I had a checkup on December 12th. My BP was great, iron was checked and it was great but I had gained 10 lbs in 4 weeks. This was really frustrating to me because I purposely did NOT fill my plate up at Thanksgiving and I had not been eating the bread like I did in the first 3-4 months (it's really all I could stomach at the time and half the time, it didn't even have anything on it). I was told to walk everyday and got a pretty big lashing from my doctor in the nicest way possible but left there feeling pretty deflated. I'm already dreading my next appt in two weeks and I really don't care to hear how much more weight I have or haven't gained. I am really at a loss too doing more exercising than I did with Finley at this point, running after her when we are home and being up and down with her all the time, and just being busy. I remember laying around with Finley because I could... it just seems so backwards since I feel I'm constantly on the move this time.


Yes, I've been rocking the leggings most of the time. I loved my ripped maternity jeans but I feel like I look 10 times bigger in them so I haven't worn them much. It would be nice to wear a pair of jeans but I don't even feel like trying to find a pair of my regular ones that I may could do the rubberband trick with. I did buy 2 long sleeved materinty tops from Target the week before.. those have been nice but I feel like I wash clothes ALL the time and where the same thing over and over.


Good nights and bad nights. Dreams are insane. I wish I would quit having them. I've been going to be around midnight and then wake up around 4ish and can't go back to sleep. Then when I finally feel like I'm almost there, Finley cries out and wakes me up again. It really makes for long exhausting days. I have woken up on my back a few times which scares me.. and sometimes I've even been on my right side. 


The kicks have really picked up!! I love feeling her kick as I did with Finley. Last night I really thought Shane would be able to feel her, and she did kick hard twice, but he wasn't able to feel her just yet.


Well, just get me pregnant and I want everything that's horrible for you. I had a orange Fanta at my Grandmother's and I've craved one ever since. I don't even drink those!! I love this organic Mama's best cereal that's like cocoa puffs... I did have a few turkey sandwiches which now I can't believe I even ate it... I cooked my favorite vegetables last night and made a burger and it was all I could do to eat the veggies. I could care less about them and they were absolutely disgusting to me. 
I've been able to drink water with the Mio flavoring in it... for the past few weeks I've really been keeping up with my vitamins too. 
I had gone a little crazy getting a coffee every time I went out of the house and one day I was just over it. The same with me craving Cran Grape juice and apple juice. I guess I just had too much. I've been able to drink milk again which has been great.


It's a girl!


Being small.. energy.. great sleep.


The past few days, I've done weights, body squats, and even t25. At this point with Finley I don't think I did anything so I feel proud for doing what I've done but at the same time I don't feel like it's been enough. I'm just going to try and keep moving.


I've been really irritated at times the past couple weeks. Like a ticking time bomb. Finley's hurt my feelings a couple times and I know I don't need to take things personally that she does (as ridiculous as all that sounds) but I do. 
I've had a couple breakdown sobbing moments and my stress has been out the roof. I'm ready to get started on the nursery which means Project turn-the-porch-into-a-new-livingroom needs to get going. This pregnancy is flying by and I do NOT want this house a wreck bringing home a new baby.


Yes still having crazy dreams I wish I wouldn't have.


He may be a little stressed as well. I have been reminding him how much time we have left after Jan 1 until our new little one gets here.


The same as last week.


Celebrating Christmas!!


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