Saturday, July 15, 2017

Fallyn // Week 9

On June 27th, you turned 2 months young.

I captioned this picture on Instagram with this ::

Wasn't it just yesterday you were 1 month?? This sweet angel was #2months yesterday.  So thankful for your health but seriously time slow down. You are smiling more and even cooing and laughing. It's such a cute sound. When you really get cranked up your smile is huge! It's beautiful. You are sleeping longer at night, PTL, and have seemed to start putting yourself on a schedule and sleep best on our tummy. For the 5th night in a row, I've been able to lay you down and you fall asleep on your own... I'm loving seeing your personality starting show! You're a snuggly, sweet, happy angel.

Ou'side with Fin Fin in the hot Southern heat! You didn't seem to mind it here tho!
Seriously cracking me up!

Oh how she loves you!!

Wheezie came to visit you! and Fin Fin of course.

I thought that when Finley was your age, she looked like some of my baby pictures. And most people have said she looks like your Daddy. But I look at some of your pictures and even just looking at you, you look SO MUCH like some of my baby pictures. And several of our cousins have said you look just like Big Pop -- and I have to agree because your Uncle Blake looks just like him--  and especially in this picture above you look just like some of Blake's baby pictures! 
Pastor Arlene was telling me she and other people have said she can't get over how much you two look like twins but how Fin Fin looks like Daddy and you look like me.

 A walk outside! Actually it was a lot of walking outside. Your Daddy was home and worked in the yard and also had to get a limb up out of the front yard that fell off the pecan tree.. so Fin Fin helped him and you just snuggled on me while I watched.

This was totally by accident. 
You are on the left and Fin Fin is on the right. So many similarities!

Snuggles with Daddy!

Handful of hair!

Your favorite place to be.. on the shoulder.

Smiles before bedtime!

Happy baby!! Your little personality is starting to really shine! I love seeing you more alert and watching you check everything out.

I laid you down for a late morning nap and you slept forever here on my bed! Just so peaceful and cozy. I hated to move you and actually had to wake you up to take you to your doctor's appointment. 

We had another sleep over at Mama Jane's on 6.27. You were SOOOO HAPPY this morning! You and your sister were cracking me up 'playing' together. You couldn't stop smiling!

Mommy - daughter time outside!

I almost forgot about these shirts!
They were in a bag in your closet and I'm so glad I found them. They are two of my faves.

Daddy came home again from another travel week and you were loving him talking to you!

He misses his girls when he's gone.

Nightime smiles!

Fallyn, we are so thankful God blessed us with you!! You are absolutely precious and our hearts are so much fuller with you being added to our family. Fin Fin loves you so much and adores you dearly -- she just can't resist kissing all over you! She is the sweetest and just wants to love on you constantly. 
We love you so much!!


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