Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Fallyn // Week 7

Fallyn, you have been such a blessing to us and our hearts are even fuller with you! Fin Fin is still loving on you every chance she gets.. Well, we all are. 

We got out the play mat for one of the first times. You enjoyed it and Finley enjoyed sitting next to you as well. She actually got upset when you got fussy and we picked you up to soothe you. 

We are still swaddling you and that seems to work best even when you are taking your bottle. You are going every 3 hours at night and sometimes you've gone four.

I love how alert you are getting and starting to really look around! Your eyes are beautiful!

The way you sleep sometimes is the absolute sweetest. It cracks me up the way you get into your positions.. like you are posing.

We went shopping one afternoon with Wheezie for Uncle Ko Ko's wedding. We had a rough night the night before and I was so exhausted, but at the same time once we got to our destination, it was so good to be out of the house.

Here we are at a shoe store looking for  Fin Fin some flower girl shoes.. You were screaming when we got to Target and ended up being that you were starving. You passed out not too long after and got cozy in the ring sling.

You had your first restaurant experience at Logan's Roadhouse in Athens. You slept the whole time and didn't make a peep.

Then we went to the Athens mall and ended up at MAC. You and Fin Fin did so good and the girls there just ooo'd and aaahhh'd over you both. I think this was the first time you really liked being in the ring sling and got comfortable enough to sleep in it. At home at times it's been quite unsuccessful.

Morning snuggles!

We had a lounge around kind of day this particular day.. it was wonderful. We've just recently started sitting you on this type boppy. You don't seem to mind it for the most part but it doesn't last very long.

Trying to get pictures of you in all your outfits! My friend Emily made this shirt for you!

Your hair has come out a good bit in certain areas. After I shampoo it, it really fuzzes and stands up! It's so cute.

Snug as a bug in a rug!!

I love wearing you like this especially when you get comfortable and all snuggled in close. This is my absolute favorite carrier.

Photo shoot time!! Your Big Sister wasn't going to miss out either. 

Love this pic of you two. So sweet.

I love to see you smile!!

Wheezie got this shirt for Fin and now you wear it too! You really haven't liked this seat that Finley loved so much that Whitney let us borrow but I remember this day you seemed content and you even napped in it for a short while.

Whittle baby toes!!

Sitting outside while Finley played. She could live outside!
This is your favorite position when someone is holding you. Up on the shoulder!


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