Thursday, July 13, 2017

Fallyn // Week 8

Such peaceful sleeping.. 

Still getting tons of help around the house. Wheezie stopped by and bounced you because you had a tummy ache. You were just as content as could be.

Well we got our fist cold as a family of 4 .. sinus infections for everyone. I think it started with Finley, then went to you, and then me and then Daddy. Everyone was stuffy, had runny noses the next, and then Finley started having a bad cough. We went to the Dr and we were told to do saline drops and suction the visible snot and let it run its course. It seemed to have lasted forever.

We went for a sleepover at Mama Jane's house! Ellie and Jaelyn were there and Mama Jane even told Kyli to come too!

It had been a long time since Kyli had been to Mama Jane's and she loved it.
Bless your heart you were so restless and needed to be held up right pretty much all the time. You sneezed and had a stuffy nose as well and even had green snot at times.

Thank God we all got thru that! 
Sweet cuddles on early morning. Mama needed just a little more sleep so I put you on your stomach and patted your back and you fell back asleep and we napped together.

We celebrated Father's Day! Such a sweet smile for Daddy!

Haha! Love this expression you were sporting one afternoon! Like hurry up with my bottle already!

Beautiful smile.

Naps for 2!

Sissy loves you sooo much! Love getting pics of y'all together and I need to get more.

Kyli protecting her human sisters... she did with Fin Fin and she does with you too.

I feel like you seriously look like my Dad! (Big Pop) And I see Blake in you too!

You napped so good like this on the couch this day. Maybe it was the cozy MJ blanket but this was one of the most awesome nap days for you.

I try and take more pics of you but some days you just don't want any part in it. Love you in your pink and in your bows.


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