Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Bear Hollow Wildlife Trail // Mommy and Finley Day

"You'll always be my first" is what I keep hearing in my head... 
I always wonder if I am giving enough of one on one time with my Fin Fin. The days go by so quickly and I think, "When was the last time it was just me and her?"

I can always tell when she is craving that time together.. She starts acting out and not being herself and if she FINALLY DOES get that one on one, if I am holding Fallyn and she wants me, she will cry out to whoever is near for them to "take Sissy!". Completely breaks my heart. But she is so patient still and even patiently waits her turn.

This past Tuesday, Shane kept Fallyn at home, and Fin and I set out for Athens. Our first stop was my checkup at the doctors office. Which she did so good while we were there! Then we made it for breakfast at "Chickaway", a quick stop at the beauty supply store, and off to a new adventure to see some "aminals".

It was a GORGEOUS day that started out a little chilly but got warmer as the day went on to the point I had to shed my jacket. We had never been there before and I wasn't quite sure where to start but after asking someone we made our way! I didn't realize that it was free too! Bonus.

We made our way into the park and there was an otter that Finley loved! It was already swimming and doing flips over and over... like he knew that we were there and put on a show for us... then off to an alligator and the owls -- Finley loved these too, so much that we had to come back and visit them for a second and third time. 

We saw turtles, a bob cat, turkeys, a deer that I would've bet it was a donkey, an eagle and hawk, and bears. I'm so glad that we went back a second time because the first time the bears were hibernating and when we came back they were out and roaming a little bit! This is all Fin even talked about on the way there. I think because she has a book called Brown bear brown bear that she reads all the time.

After we saw the animals, we walked thru another trail and found the pond and the ducks. Y'all. These ducks KNOW when somebody is there to feed them. They started out in the water and swam up to the bridge waiting for us to drop food and then they made their way out and walked right up to us. I think I went thru almost $2 in quarters getting food and what a wonderful $2 well spent to see Finley's face light up! The only time that she got nervous -- and I am not going to lie I did too -- is when the geese started coming SO CLOSE to us!! They started pecking at the ducks hogging all the food. I've heard geese are mean in general!
We slowed down on the food and sat on the bench awhile and even watched the turtles that were swimming at the bridge. We threw food in the water to see if they would eat it too and fish started jumping up which just got Finley all excited! 

We really took our time and walked a ways around the pond and back, feeding the ducks again and just sitting and watching. The sunshine felt AMAZING and the fresh air and just SLOWING DOWN and enjoying ourselves. That was good for the soul.

This was mid dance! She is all about dancing and sashaying since she has learned that and gotten so good at that!

Waving at the ducks! Everything is "hey Mr duck!" "hey mr bear". So sweet.

And she loves to run too.

Twirling and dancing.
Dance your little heart out precious one.

Finley, you will ALWAYS be Mommy's first and I love you with all my heart. You are the one that made me a Mommy, the one that made your Daddy a daddy, the one that has taught me so much more than you even realize. The one that first grew my heart so big I thought it may burst out of my chest.. my first newborn, my first infant and toddler who taught me a whole new world of learning and excitement in all that you experienced thru your "firsts".. you surprise me everyday in all that you do and how smart you are.. you are brave, strong, you are so very loving and caring, already nurturing, and have a confidence about you that Mommy even wishes she had. 
You are Mommy's first.. my sweet Fin Fin.. I love you dearly and these one on one's with you, I cherish with all my heart and I pray you feel just how much I DO cherish these moments.


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