Monday, May 16, 2016

Finley // 8 Months

Mommy loves playing dress up with you! Whitney let us borrow these Minnetonkas and you really did not like them being on your feet. They came off as soon as we got finished taking pics.

I got you some new headbands and this one is probably my new favorite!

Walk to the pond! It was beautiful this day and the bradford pears were absolutely gorgeous!

Beautiful eyes and smile! You were so happy this day (which you are most of the time)

Aunt Tacie bought this hat back for you from Tybee.

Told ya I loved the headband.. wink wink

You LOVE playing in your room with all of your toys! And you love giving all your dolls and toys kisses.

The puppies still love you and you love them too!

Mommy loves days off to be home with you! You still love being outside and we enjoy our walks to the pond.

It was St Patty's Day so we celebrated with our green!

 This was the first time I believe that you made it to the puppies bed.

Love this outfit!!

It warmed up for a bit and then got a little cooler again.. this was one of those cooler days.

Morning talks with Sox! You cackled your head off this morning. It was so sweet. I even caught a little on video.

The 3 Amigas decided they would ALL come visit you this day in your room. It was too sweet.

 You helped Brigg's celebrate his 1st birthday! It was loads of fun!

And we visited your Daddy at the field one afternoon while he was giving lessons. 


Notes from Finley's journal::

2.29 // Started sleeping on stomach with bottom up in the air

3.3 // Ate Red Mill pancakes for the first time in solid form

3.4 // laughed out loud when I threw the ball to Kyli 

3.6 // woke up standing in crib // started cackling out loud // started laying head on my shoulder // giving kisses (you love to give kisses! Even to you baby dolls and to yourself when you see yourself in the mirror) // is waving bye bye (at first you turned your wrist from side to side and moved your fingers too but now you shake your whole hand up and down) // you started a new blowing sound with your tounge // no more thumb sucking // claps hands when we say "Yay Finley!" // tried to stand up in bathtub // tried Puffs for the first time // We had your Easter pictures taken and you picked a baby duck up by its beak

3.7 // Your Daddy lowered your crib to the next level // dislikes changing diaper and clothes // getting distracted easily at times when eating dinner // drinking more water // ate cooked sweet potatoes with cinnamon and paprika (your favorite)

3.9 // crawled on the couch for toy // trying to stand in room(?) // smiled in your sleep, grabbed my face and closed your eyes again for more nap time (oh my sweetest thing ever) // trying to say "hey" // ate hamburger meat for first time // got really frustrated at dinner, tried to bow back up against chair and balled hands into fists // on our walk to the pond, I started praying out loud and every time I started talking you would join in as well just babbling // drooling a lot more// caught you standing in your stroller // waved to Mara twice // woke up smiling from evening nap (you had been going thru a phase where you wouldn't greet us with a smile but very fussy waking up from naps)


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