Monday, May 16, 2016

Sunday at the Diamond

Coach's season is just around the corner so practice for the 16's officially started this past weekend. Sunday it was such a gorgeous day, so me and Fin made our way to the field!

I thought your Daddy had seen us when we first walked up, but he never did! We had met one of the Dad's who offered us a chair (so nice), Coach came off the field, saw the Dad first, kept walking, and then did a double take when we finally caught his eye. Ha! He had been in the zone since leaving the house early that day and I'd say he was still in it that afternoon... 

He was SO happy to see Fin and in his words, she "stole the show".

She has been loving glasses and hats lately.. I have been having contact issues and can't wait for my left one to get here so I can lose these glasses. They are not kid friendly (especially a curious one) and they are killing the backs of my ears...

And a certain 9 month old has been getting pretty upset when we take the phone away from her (she's not actually supposed to be having one at all but with all her screaming and drawing attention, a nice gentleman lent us his for distraction to get a quick picture with my phone)

It looks like she already knows what to do with it!

After we had a snack at the car, we made our way back to the field for a few minutes before we made our way to the facility after it cleared out from players hitting in the cages..

 We found some balls and Finley had tons of fun emptying that crate out..

 And she made a new friend.. Landon is one of Shane's coaches that is going to be helping him a lot this season.

The way Finley was bent over getting these balls, I just knew we were going to have a head first in the trash can, feet up in the air scene from Mean Girls. Ha!

We played a little "I'm gonna get you game" with Dad.. 

And these clothes are officially soaking in some OxyClean. Yikes.

 Put me in Coach! I got this.

Coach expressed how much he loves us being there at the field and he was so glad we came by. We are definitely going to make it there for more practices! With Finley loving the outdoors, us having some pretty days, and getting to see Daddy while he's still here before traveling.. it's a no brainer!


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