Monday, May 23, 2016

Finley // 9 Months

Love your smile precious angel and I love to see you happy and having good days too.
You turned 9 months on April 22nd and are healthy and happy!

March 27th we celebrated your first Easter. (More detailed post in the works.. Mommy has just been a little behind but definitely working on catching up on all the memories.)

 Mrs. Jennifer gave this outfit to you when she came to visit you in the hospital.. I wanted it to be for your dedication but instead you wore it for Easter. I thought it was perfect because it was a little rainy/dreary so the sleeves and hat was great.

 And of course we had an after church outfit.. this has been one of my faves!!

Me and your Daddy love this picture! Your face is just priceless!

You have been crawling all over the place! This was one of your first trips from your room to the living room.

 I know we were somewhere here because you are in a buggy but can't remember where.. Hobby Lobby maybe??

We visited Mimi and Big Pop and Hadlee was there too. You had a great time!

On March 24th, you came down with your first fever/cold. This was the beginning of that day and the first signs we started noticing something wasn't quite right.. you had been fussing that morning and you passed out just about as soon as your Daddy laid down with you...

This was when I got home from work and as bad as you felt, you still acted like you wanted to play. I called the nurse on call and she gave us instructions for you for the night. I have to admit I completely freaked out when I got the call that you were running a fever. We did just as the nurse said and we took turns holding you all night because you didn't want it any other way.. (neither did Mommy). 

In the middle of the night, the power went out! Of all nights for that to happen. An EMC truck pulled in our driveway, cut the power and left. Your Daddy got really upset because that meant no air, lights, etc. He ran and got in his truck and took off after them for some answers. There was a main pole down just down the road a little ways (it was VERY windy that evening too) Thankfully, it ended up being a peaceful night, the dogs didn't even bark as quiet as it was, even the trucks pulling in and out didn't make them bark like normal.. they are so smart so they must have known something was up and better not wake you. The next day tho, you were back to your old self, napped for 3 hours and even slept for 13 hours that night!!

We had some fun with your hat!!

The 3 Amigas love you and you have been a little more curious with them..

You love playing with your blocks..

Crawling around everywhere..

These are Mommy's fave pajamas of yours..

One Wednesday afternoon home we hung around outside as much as we could.. it was a beautiful day!! Daddy worked on taking the fence down and we visited the chickens.. You started saying "boc boc"! Love these shades you got for Easter.. this is the last time you wore them.. you are definitley becoming more aware of hairbows too and have started taking them off. :(

Snuggling with Mommy! Your snuggles are the sweetest and I soak them up whenever you will lay down with me.

 You won't play in your jumper but you will stand around it and play with everything on it. Hey, whatever works!!

You still love napping with your Daddy too!

We visited Grandma Kathy after she finally came home from Emory. Y'all certainly have missed each other and she LOVED being with you.

Since it was a warm day, you sported a beachy outfit. So glad you were able to wear it!

Move over Dad!! I've got this!
Your Daddy's season had started and you were being his assistant for a minute. wink, wink

Playing in Mommy's makeup! You make all kinds of jibber jabber noises when you are playing 'makeup'. This entertains you for a little bit while Mommy does her own makeup, brushes my teeth and so forth. There have been a few eyeshadow and blush fatalities ... oops.

 Your Daddy bought you some Master's shirts last year when he visited Augusta and I'm not sure how but you were able to wear them! They were 6 months and you can still wear them at 10 months. Definitely run big I'd say!

You love giving kisses! even to all of your toys! Ohhhhweeeeeee....

Wednesday home with you! #onwednesdayswewearpink

It seemed like you had grown over night this particular morning. These past months have certainly flown by!

This Saturday was the G-day game and we dressed in our proper attire. We didn't go to the game because Mommy had prom but you were rockin' your 'jersey'! You stayed with Mama Jane and Mom this day while I worked and you were so good for them!

It had started getting warmer and prettier and since you love the outdoors, we spend a lot of time out there. We have had to be careful on the porch because you got 2 splinters in your foot being on the wood.

More kisses from the Amigas!

You LOVE sweet potatoes! One of your faves!! It took you a little bit to pick up food yourself and get it in your mouth but once you got it, you GOT IT and havne't slowed down since.

You love a cell phone! This one plays music and makes camera flashing noises.

Definitely turned into a tummy sleeper. This is probably only one of the times that I've see you without your bum in the air.

One afternoon we visited Home Depot with Mama Jane and Grandma Kathy.. we first ate at Longhorn (you slept the whole time) and then woke up in Home Depot. You were so chill and laid back and just hung out like this the whole time.

Napping again with Daddy.. y'all seriously crack me up with y'alls snuggling.. I love it.

Your face! Ha!

Whitney let us borrow these shoes and I thought you could wear them by now. They are still a little big and you were not a fan. They came right off again.

Our little country girl!!

Your expressions sure do keep me cracking up. Love your personality that's just a shining!!

This little piggy went to the market... You do so good in the grocery store for me while I get our groceries.

We had a baby shower for Katie and her daughter Willow.. Here you are with our cousin Carlee and y'all became great friends!

You love you some prunes!!

Another Wednesday home with you! I LOVE those days with you sweet girl! You were so happy this day!

I'm pretty sure its because you FINALLY cut your tooth on the bottom.. You had been fussy and not sleeping well, drooling all over the place.. I noticed it when I had fed you lunch and there it was!!

You had your 9 month checkup on April 27th and once again had a perfect report! You only got 1 shot (thank the Lord) and you were a champ! You weighed 18 lbs and 9 oz, were 27 3/4 in legnth, hc 17 1/2.. you are steadily growing and everything was in the 50ish %tile. 
You talked up a storm with Dr Setia! He once again complimented on your skin and how beautiful you are.. You really got turned up when he started checking you tho. And you screamed so loud and got so fussy when I changed your diaper and tried to put your clothes back on that when the nurse came in with your shot she asked me "what is going on in here?!". 

You were so much of a champ even that we went out to eat that night at Barberitos.. You were SO good and enjoyed the change of scenery! And you definitely wanted to know what was going on with the table behind us. Ha!

You didn't get sleepy until we were finishing up... we got you home, changed you into your pj's, gave you some milk and you were fast asleep again!


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