Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A New Season is Around the Corner

It's almost here. 
A new season. A new schedule. A lot of new players.

But there is one thing that Coach and I have made into a tradition.. helping him distribute uniforms. This is our third year of tackling this job together and I wouldn't have it any other way.
Our living room becomes a sea of shirts, pants, and ball caps and somewhere, underneath all of that, there are 3 precious puppies who patiently wait for their living space to get back to normal. 
Or you can be a stubborn little heifer and just help yourself to shirts as your bed.. Coach didn't even see Kyli at one point because she was camouflaged with them. Ha. 

This year Coach has about 80+ kids instead of 60+.. his 16U teams are definitely growing to say the least! 
Our setup:
I call out the kids name/size, the # they would like, Coach grabs the shirts/pant/hat, I bag it with their name, and then write down info... and we keep going and going and going.
Our favorite numbers are 11, 15, 22, and, of course, 17. 

11 is Coach's popular baseball number..
15 was my softball number..
22 is Coach's birthdate and the last digits of my number..
17 is one of Coach's old baseball number and our Wedding date.

It's fun for me too to try and remember who gets these numbers, so when I am on the field I feel like I am watching somebody I know! There have been a couple kids I have known on the team in the past but it's rare since kids come from all over.

I spy a Saint Bernard mix..

Some time later we were all finished! 
Coach is really excited about another season and has talked about the talent he is already seeing among the kids. 
I am hoping to get to one of his practices in the next couple of weeks and check it out for myself. If not, there are always tournaments. 
I love watching my handsome hubby on the field doing what he loves!



Cayte Brown said...

Looks like a bunch of crazy mess! Gotta love baseball season! What exactly does your hubby coach!?

Tammy Jo said...

Such a super cute tradition!! It really is the little things in life :)

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