Sunday, May 4, 2014


Yesterday was my first day off in what seemed like ALL year! Boy was it AWESOME to wake up, throw on some gym clothes and a hat, and head out the door!! My MIL is lucky I even showered.. TOTALLY joking here. 
Friday, all of us Sassafreaks were able to break for lunch and we headed off to Ganache Bakery and Bistro..  SO YUMMY and such an adOIable place! that's what the in laws call something they really love! I immediately texted the MIL telling her she would LOVE it and I was off work Saturday if anyone was able to come and enjoy this delicious food. Later on, I was checking out Instagram and saw where the Hen's Nest was having a Spring Sidewalk sale and had old window panes for only $2! I was there. Only they didn't start the sale until Saturday. Boo. I called my MIL on the way home, explained everything, and she picked me up yesterday around 9:30ish and we were off JUNKING!

We made it to the Hen's Nest, didn't seem too busy, but I already missed getting my window panes. The early bird gets the worm folks. Problem is, I'm just NOT a morning person. 
Strike #1.

We carried on inside and here are just a few of our favorites. Connie saw this table first and then I fell in love too! Wish I had loads of Ben's to get a bunch of wonderful furniture! Or someone could hire me as an interior decorator and I could spend your money for you. Ha.


So cute! Someone had grabbed these up before we left. There was a blue one too.

Aren't these the cutest? I loved these knobs!

I love this bench! The back is a headboard. Love love LOVE!!
I know just the person who could make this for us too. 

Around this time of me taking the above picture, I had just seen a piece that I absolutely LOVED!! I had picked it up and looked at it.. admired it.. told Connie I'm gonna get this.. sat it back down..  taken a picture of the above that was right next to said item.. sat down to rest for a minute and make sure I had gotten enough good pics of the above to be duplicated.. and here comes someone TAKING MY BELOVED PIECE RIGHT OUT FROM UNDER ME!! 
Strike #2.
If you have the TINIEST INKLING thought you may get something, you better pick it up RIGHT THEN because it may just get gone. 
It took me a good 45 minutes to get over that. I know that sounds ridiculous but it was just something I  had never seen before and I just fell for it. 
Won't EVER make that mistake again.

This was another piece I loved! Goodness I could have loaded up a tractor trailer full.

Mine and Coach's conversation went like this:

I was COMPLETELY joking with him on the last one.. you can even ask Connie.. and the response to that?? 
Cracked. Me. Up. 
I was laughing just typing that.. 
I really absolutely loved it tho.

We enjoyed most of our day at Hen's Nest, they served us free pizza - STRIKE #3 - and they drew Connie's name for a DOOR PRIZE! How fun is that?? 
Not too long after that, we realized that Ganache would only be open for about an hour longer, so we headed out to Maysville before they closed.
Check back for our lunch deets tomorrow!

We I wasn't quite finished junking after lunch, so we headed over to Nicholson to check out another store, but they were closed, so we headed back to Jefferson to check out the Red Hound Antique for more finds. 

From here I ended up with a spool, remember here when I mentioned I wish I would have gotten one?, a turquoise plate, and four ornate, beautiful picture frames that are just waiting to be cleaned up. 
Browsing around, I snapped some pics of some of our favorite things...

We have seen versions of these in many places. Connie did have a tailgate once but someone stole it. We would definitely be trying to tackle this if she still had it!

And THIS is similair to the item that I missed getting. This one is not as near pretty as the other and it was $20 or $30 more.. 

I couldn't get over this massive record room. After being in it for a couple of minutes tho our hair started standing on end and we got outta there.

I took this for future reference. If there is another house in mine and Coach's future, I want some type of this recreated in our kitchen. Love the rod ironed bars.

This was a favorite of Connies..

This was was different but too expensive for me! I had never seen anything like it.

We have got several projects to get started on! I can't wait to share with y'all when we get them finished.



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