Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Body Aches, Braids, Road Trip, & Animals

As I am uploading pictures, I realize it's close to 1AM and I should have been in the bed a LONG time ago. BUT, I am one of those people who catch their second third wind and here I am. My New Year's resolution was to get in bed at a decent hour, and with the exception of probably twice, I have miserably failed. 
I did manage to get up and get going this morning. I am on Week 3 Day 1 of T25 and I haven't missed yet! Whoo hoo for not missing and keeping with the program! I am loving having something new and I love me some Shaun T! 
One of the girls at work lent me her Rainbow... holy smokes can we say DA BOMB.. I got an extra workout today shampooing our carpets. I would much rather have been painting of some sort or taking part in some kind of craft. My knees feel like they are shot, my back feels like it's broken in half, my elbows are on fire, and my feet need their own specialized massage. I'm whining. My body hurts. It's honestly been hurting for awhile now. I guess that's what happens when you turn 29 ish-ish. For real tho... I am praying all this throbbing STOPS in my knees and elbows. Ain't nobody got time fo dat and I have been miserable.


This past week, I did hair for 8th grade formal and a wedding. Braids have been and remain the thing to do these days. It is so much fun creating behind the chair and having your client love it! 

Sunday, Me, Gigi, Mama Jane and Pop made our way to Greenville, SC for lunch with Aunt Kay and Uncle Jack and some of our cousins. It was so good to see all of them and catch up! Me and Gigi are so ready to get back to Kentucky! Mama Jane even mentioned going to Florida to see her other sister sometime soon. I love some road trips!

I got back around 6, started on my cleaning in the house, looked out the window at one point and noticed the horses near the house. I made my way outside to say hello to Trio and couldn't help but to capture this shot. Weird, in my all of my last couple of years living here this is the first fog I have seen like this in the pasture.

And, today, when I was resting my feet and enjoying some fresh air, I heard a familiar racket. A little Blab named Mara that has MacGyver for her middle name made her way into the dog food. She's always got food on her mind. Bless her heart, when she was just a puppy she somehow managed to push this bin OFF the TOP of the table, causing the lid to pop off, and ate until her stomach drug the ground. She was miserable for days.

Notice I haven't finished my frame yet that I started on last week. (You may have seen it already on Instagram) Too busy and not enough hours or days in the week. I have a wonderful idea for it tho! I can't wait to share with all of you when I finish!
Well that took a little longer than expected.. Coach mentioned the word BEACH and I got sidetracked for a second a little while. 



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