Monday, May 12, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

I hope all the mom's out there had a wonderful, relaxed, blessed Mother's Day! 

My Mom just recently moved, so I went over to her new place and helped her hang pictures. This was her request for the day. If you haven't heard, she is THE biggest Gone With the Wind fan.. I am talking if it were life and death and you needed someone on your side to answer GWTW trivia questions.. she's the woman you would want. I learned a few things myself today..

.. like, Clark Gable was the only one not to win an Oscar for his role in the movie..
.. They had already started to film the burning of Atlanta before Vivien Leigh was even cast..
.. Leslie Howard and Vivien Leigh are both English..

Did you know any of those?

We broke for lunch and even stopped by Dairy Queen to see my little brother, Kolton, who has just gotten a job there. I think he was a little embarrassed because as soon as he saw us behind the counter he disappeared and we never saw him again. Bless it.
Mom and I took our lunch back to her place, we ate and then got back at it.. Boy I think I have found where my love of pictures comes from.
Towards the end of our day together, we ended up on the swing outside enjoying the shade and breeze. I loved watching the chipmunks too.. so cute to watch running around.

Mama Jane stopped by for a few minutes for a surprise visit! I even got a Mother's Day gift too. I saw tonight a post tonight on fb.. My kids have Paws. So cute! She was so funny.. "Now this gift doesn't mean I am pressuring you into having a baby." And she means that.

After I left Mom's, I headed over to Shane's Grandmothers house to visit her and my MIL. Oh my goodness there were cupcakes, brownies, and banana pudding and banana pudding, brownies, and cupcakes. I visited with her, Grandma, and Tracie.. we talked a little while and then started looking at Country Living and other crafting, antique magazines. I found some really cute stuff that I would LOVE to do! 

I hope all of you had a very Happy Mother's Day!
 I know I enjoyed all the visiting and time together and pray for many more with all these amazing women in my life.



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