Friday, May 23, 2014


team elite travel baseball

Today is Coach's official opening day of his 2014 Summer season! 
And what a big season he has ahead of him as he has four teams instead of three this year. 

16U Black
16U Alpharetta 
16U Louisville Slugger
16U Prime

That is 80+ kids instead of 60+.
Can you say growth in the world of travel baseball? 

I can. Why you ask? Because I have been flying solo more tryouts, scouting, practices, scouting, scrimmaging, scouting, listening to lengthy phone calls, and staring at the back of his head for the past two plus weeks as he crowds over his laptop responding to emails and frantically working on rosters. 

I will have to admit this season snuck up on me pretty fast. For whatever reason, I had next weekend as opening in my mind and was excited to have one more week with my Boo somewhat around the house. Needless to say, that was rudely interrupted sometime within the past 72 hours.
I wouldn't change it for anything and I wouldn't have it any other way. 
Every single night alone makes it worth it because I know Shane is on the field doing what he LOVES. Coaching his players, teaching them correct fundamentals and preparing them for college and professional playing levels. He is passionate about helping these young men and seeing them progress successfully to the next level.. I wish you could see his face when he gets a phone call from a player saying he's signed with a college or especially on draft day when they put on that new jersey! His face just lights up and I love seeing that huge grin he wears from ear to ear!

I'm certainly not going to sit here and pretend its easy not having my husband home at times. It's just flat out hard sometimes. But, I have a wonderful family to keep me company, a super-duper BFF who just happens to be the best chef in the world who keeps my belly full, a MIL who teaches me a few of her mad antiquing skills, and last but not least, the 3 Amigos, the chicky-chicks, and Trio keep me busy. 

Coach is nearby this weekend and I plan on being in the stands at some point to check out these new players he's is super excited about! There is so much talent in TE its unreal and they are certainly making a name for themselves. 
In 2011, his Team Elite White took 2nd in the USA Championship East event and last year they won the Inaugural Metropolitan Baseball Classic at Citi Field, which you can read my recap here or this article from Baseball America.. Really ALL the age groups in TE are talented. 
Just check out their website and see all the players who have signed/committed.

Can't wait to see you on the field, Coach! 
I wish everyone could see how much heart and soul you pour into this every year!
Good luck to you, your coaches, and all the players for a great summer season!

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Kelly said...

Good luck to his team this year!!!

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