Thursday, May 8, 2014

32 Things that make Me Happy

Browsing around blogs awhile back (a month ago now), I saw this fun link-up first on Lauren's blog.. I went to the link-up but the host had already closed. Boo. This has been on my to-do post list ever since! Just thought it was would be fun! Better late than never right?
In no particular order...

If you have been following for any period of time you know that I love, love, love the sand between my toes! The breeze, the salty air, the warmth on my face...
I am already itching to get back. 

Chocolate. Chocolate. And more chocolate. 
I buy the Ghirardelli baking chips for our Peanut Butter Bites.. I don't make them as much I used to because they are LOADED with calories.. and lets face it, I can't eat just one. 
So I will slowly try and eat a few of these sweets for any cravings I have.

Crafting and Painting.
I could seriously do it 24/7.


My handsome husband. 

 I have them in the house ALL the time. They have always been one of my faves. We were given a Scentsy for one of our wedding gifts and I got another one for my birthday... AND the BFF has signed up with Scentsy recently!! YAY for something that smells better than smelly dogs!! A couple weeks ago, Amber and I sat in her basement and obsessed over the samples she had just gotten in the mail. I need to place an order!

This amazing woman on the left..

I have so much to learn from her. 
She has my back, she can be brutally honest with me, the gives the best mama hugs ever, she helps me with all my sewing shenanigans, I can hit her up anytime for advice, her salon pop-ins always make my day and is my cooking inspiration. Mad cooking skills I tell ya!

Spending time with my family.
I really need to work on this and do better. I actually started tonight.. I have a gap Friday and I'm going to my Mama Jane's to spend my lunch with her. 

Hot bubble baths.. 
My friend at work does this every night. I need to take the time and follow suit. I know I would sleep better!

I watch reruns every chance I get and I can't decide who I love the most.

The 3 Amigos.

They know who their favorite is. ;)
I can't help but to love on them all the time.

Looking thru old photos. 
Last week, I started going thru a box of pictures and a couple of albums my grandmother and Mom gave me. I found my parents wedding photos, pictures of all my cousins on my Dad's side when we were young, a few pics of me and Kolton when I was a Freshman, and even a few pics of my Paw- Paw and Papa Simon. 
I even found my picture holding my first paycheck ever with a mouthful of metal!! 

I was 16 here.. can you say looking like a HOT MESS! Mama Jane took this picture. I showed Coach and he said "Nice pants." BAHAHA! Oh my at this photo.

So fun and sweet to be able to look back at old memories.

Shabby Chic decor. 
i. am. obsessed. 
And I still love burlap too.

Being able to watch Coach do what he does on the field.
He is absolutely passionate about what he does and it truly shows. You can see a special bond between him and his players and he is there for them 110%! I can't wait to see him on the field this season! 

Miranda Lambert.
I agree with you on this one Lauren!
Absolutely love this woman. I hashtagged not too long ago.. #moremirandalesskardashians
Her music has always been perfect for me and I LOVE that she helps dogs get rescued. 
She has been a long time favorite!

There have been plenty on the farm here that have been absolutely breathtaking.
In Key West, all of the island stopped at sunset. I was right there with them.

I love baking them for the family and salon.
Before Easter I hadn't made any in a long time! Reese Cup requested from my FIL. 
Designing with the icing is so fun!

Writing in a journal. 
I know technology has become the way now but I'm all about picking up a pen and paper and just letting the pen take it away. 

My very own horse. I was able to spend some extra time with him Saturday afternoon. I brushed out the rest of his winter coat and got the dreads out of his mane. This Saturday he will get a bath. I know he is going to feel so much better.

The Sassafras Salon!
What an amazing group of people to be working beside! Everyone is so positive and uplifting and such a pleasure to work with. We have so much fun and I should have a 12 pack from all the laughing we do!

Non-chain restaurants.
Connie and I had so much fun at Ganache Saturday. Coach and I used to go to Mike & Val's in Winder after church all the time until they closed. Speakeasy in Athens is SOOO YUMMY! We really should take advantage of all the unique restaurants in Athens. I just love the character they hold.

Starbucks Green Tea.
Lately I have been adding one shot of honey to it. So delicious.

They are the best things ever. I can't wait til my next one. I'm long overdue.


I can't wait for ours to bloom! Hurry up!

Mexican food.
I have noooo cut off when it comes to this. I thought about it for dinner last night but had 0 energy to stand in the kitchen and make. No restful sleep the night before.

We missed it this last winter but we will be back this year! 
I. Cannot. Wait.


Mason Jars.
I had them in my wedding, they are all around my house, and we have a couple we drink out of. 

They are a girls best friend and it just happens to be my birth stone.
Love me some bling.. real and costume.

Tractor rides with my husband.
Preferably down to the pond. It's so peaceful there and is so sentimental.

Getting my hair done.
It's such a treat to be on the other side of that chair getting some pampering.

It has gotten to be one of my favorite holidays. I love the whole feeling it brings. 
Don't forget decorating. And, we have started a new tradition with the family coming to our house Christmas Day for lunch. It's such a warm holiday.

Waking up in the mornings and having being blessed with another day here with family, friends, my husband and my puppies. 
Life is precious and we need not take it for granted.



Gina's Agenda said...

Such a great list! Love the headpiece on you! I don't think I can pull them off!

Kellee the Caffeinated said...

I want to be Miranda!!! She's so awesome! and hyndrangeas are my favorite flower!!! For the life of me though, I can't keep them alive once I plant them.

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