Monday, September 29, 2014

Sunday Funday Fall Festival 2014

For as long as I have been a Hopper... getting close to 2 years now... me, Connie, and Tracie have made our way over to the HUGE city of Hoschton for their fall festival. This year, Amber joined us! YAY! 
We had the most fun walking around and checking out all the fun stuff! 

One of the first things we saw was the Dock Dogs competition event. I have never seen this before and it was something to watch! Some of these dogs had serious springs in their legs.. Especially the one in the video below.
This German Shephard was absolutely beautiful. I want a Bull Terrier like something fierce but the GS may come in a close second. 

Sometimes my phone catches a video sideways so sorry for the angle but I couldn't resist sharing. We watched this one make her run twice and she seemed to almost clear the pool!

One thing I learned from this festival is I need to teach our dogs a few new tricks. This sweet girl below carried her own leash! I could never get a good picture because she was ON THE MOVE! We saw her later and her owner would just drop the leash and she would happily pick it up and carry it. 

I hope these sweet pups got a break.. they were so well behaved.

One of my faves! I see pottery in our future.
I would love for the 3 Amigas to have their own bowl! 
Definitely prettier than the boring silver ones.

I was soo proud of myself! I wasn't going to buy anything but besides our lunch and fresh home grown local veggies I only made ONE purchase...


Y'all know I CANNOT resist any kind of BLING!! 
Fake or real diamonds are a girls best friend!

Coach came home from baseball and asked me what I bought. 
Me: "A bracelet."
Coach: "That gaudy one laying on the bathroom counter?"

Yes Coach. That would be the one.



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