Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Burlap Headband Holder

Our little girl has some super cute headbands that needed their own special place.... I am all about a DIY so enter the Headband Holder project.

You will need:

Quaker Oats canisters
your choice of fabric
mod podge
candle base
hot glue gun
paint (if you choose to paint candle base)

To go along with the nursery 'theme', I chose burlap as my fabric choice. Let me just go ahead and warn you by the time I got to glueing the lid on, I didn't think about how thick the fabric was and was ready to throw the whole thing away.. I blame it on the hormones. Ha!
But you will see it all worked out in the end.

I picked up the burlap and white candle bases at Hobby Lobby and the brown one came from Connie.. it was actually for another project I never finished, I just happened to remember it and it worked out perfectly!

If you choose to paint, go ahead and do so...

This pink is the same color used on her chifferobe..

Cut your fabric for the canister, leaving it just a little longer to glue underneath..

Time for the Mod Podge! Best thing ever... 

I hot glued it underneath and inside the canister..

Cut slits in the fabric.. 

Then glue to the lid.

This is where things got irritating for me. The fabric was so thick, I couldn't get it to fit properly. If you have a thin fabric, you should not run into this problem. So I started digging thru my craft stuff trying to figure out a way I could still make this work and I found these craft fibers. Thank goodness they match her room! 
I hot glued the lid on and with a few more dabs of glue, covered the little bit of space with the fibers..
And hot glue the bottom of the canister to the candle bases.

Ready to go!

And finished with headbands!

Easy peasy!


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