Saturday, July 18, 2015

Lately in pictures...

.. I am working on a painting for above the mantle in the kitchen.. I finished for the night and Mara decided she needed to lay on the towel I had down. They all love any kind of "blanket" they can get on.

I saw this gem walking out of Hobby Lobby this past week. 
Love. It.

This just made me bust out laughing!

One of my faves from a little last minute shoot with Coach last week before he left for out of town!

I had a gift card to use for this store in Athens.. I cashed it in Monday on my first Lily purchase!

We've had some amazing sunsets here the past week..

These veggies were amazing and it doesn't hurt to have your very own food tray on hand ;) 
Our chickens are back in business apparently!
And, Kyli sure did love her visit Sunday.. she didn't know what to do with herself!

Nurse's gifts are complete and packed and ready to go!

Sweetest picture ever.

This is just too funny and reminds me of Sox. 

And this got my funny bone too!

Happy Weekend!


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