Monday, October 14, 2013

Annual Pumpkin Pickin'!

It has become a tradition to stop at the First United Methodist Church in town to get our pumpkins! I have really looked forward to it this year for a couple of reason's.. it means cooler weather and also means Coach's season is about to be O.V.A. and that means MORE time together! I love him doing what he loves and what he is passionate about, but it gets pretty lonely without him at times. I also love getting our pumpkins here because we love to support our hometown and all the funds go towards the youth. 

Picked out our first pumpkin! We'll carve it later on.

I DESPISE this picture of me. I want to burn this shirt for obvious reasons. 
I spent a good part of last Monday cleaning off the front porch and removing all the spring/summer  decor.
Time for the long awaited fall decorations!

Thanks to a friend I got my cornstalks.. YAY! I love them!
The old bench came out of the back yard.. the two baskets, crate, gourds, and wooden wreaths came out of the barn.. the wooden door was a wedding gift.. we already had the silver pales and stool.. I bought the straw bales from Michael's on sale! and I made the burlap wreath last Monday night.
I already had purchased the two different burlaps with my 40% off coupons. All I needed was the wire wreath and flowers.
Front porch makeover!

Coach bragged on my photog "skills" on this set of shots. Ha.

Up next on the fall plans-- my first corn maze!
Just gotta let Coach in on those plans. Tee hee.

Happy Fall Y'all! 



Samantha Minert said...

I love your decorations! They look so great!

Ashley said...

Thanks so much Samantha!

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