Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

From the Hopper's! Please excuse my newlywedness totally just made that word up in the fact that I want to say this is our first Halloween together being hitched!
OK moment over and moving along..

We didn't dress up as anything this year but check out our costume a couple years ago--

Yup.. Snookie and Pauly D. 
Thank you again Coach for being such a good sport! 

Tonight we continued our pumpkin carving tradition right in the middle of our living room. I had saved our carving kit from last year and was trying to decide on what stencil to follow but wasn't really liking any of them. SOOO Coach encouraged me to be original and creative and to get to carving!! Well I'm not sure just how creative it is but here is our pumpkin!

I felt so loved with our assistants.

Coach wants to roast the seeds!

I've enjoyed seeing everyones costumes this year! 
Don't eat too much candy!



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