Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A Lil Baseball in Nashville

If you follow me on Instagram you have already seen that I took a little weekend Road Trip with Coach to Nashville. 
I can never wait to post photos as you probably saw.

It all started with a little text message..

.. Why yes honey. Yes I did.

Last year, Coach went to Nashville WHILE THE CMA'S WERE GOING ON!! And why didn't I go, you ask?? I was actually home planning for a wedding.. So I guess I can let him slide on that one. 

I was SO excited to be going! He already let me know ahead of time they had late games on Saturday, so we may possibly not be able to go out; but that Sunday's games were late and we could go downtown and grab lunch before. Whichever it was I was perfectly fine with because I was going to be with my Boo! Fall season is definitely not as strenuous as summer season, but nonetheless, after awhile it gets to being lonely around home. At least I would be 'seeing' him on the field.. get to see him in action.. see him in his world. 

 Saturday morning we left by 9:30 and we were full speed ahead on our way! It was such a gorgeous day and just a tad too warm for me.. considering I've gotten a little spoiled with these random cooler temps we have had.
The ride was absolutely beautiful. I loved seeing the mountains.

After we got into Nashville, Coach realized that Austin Peay was about another 45 minutes and we were going to be just a little bit late. If you knew my husband you would not be surprised by that statement. 
BUT, good news we got there and Team Elite was ready to play. They dominated their first game run ruling the Dulins Dodgers 10-1. They put 3 runs on the board their first at bat, was 9-1 in the 4th, and won with no errors. After Coach needed me to grab a roster out of the car, parents must have put two and two together.. a few introduced themselves and one parent has actually been a long time friend to one of my aunts. Her twin boys play and are extremely great athletes. 

It was a 86* pushing 90* at one point and needless to say it was HOT! The sun did get behind the clouds from time to time which was a nice change. I did just happen to look up at one point and catch this beauty of a cloud.

There were only two coaches for these teams so Coach got the second team started and we headed to another field for two more games. Oh, and I have to throw in here that in between innings they rocked some Corey Smith which was awesome!

I couldn't even tell you who these last two teams were that we played but they won all four of their games Saturday. 
Coach is so engrossed in this Braves game right now that I think I will stop asking him questions.. it's in the bottom of the 8th ATL leading 3-2. I must say this post is taking me longer than I like because I keep trying to watch too. 
Holy smokes Uribe just hit a homerun to make it LA 4-3. 
By the end of the night, sitting thru all of the games, waiting for the field to be closed down, Coach getting everything in the car, getting a late meal at the Awful Waffle, and finally getting checked into our hotel, exhausted is not the word for how I felt. I took a shower and fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. Coach kept poking fun at me getting my cowboy boots on and hitting the town but my age was showing and anyways by the time we would've made it back to town everything would have been shut down. 

Sunday TE was supposed to play at Vanderbilt but it got rained out. I have to admit I was disappointed just like Coach. I really wanted to see them play on a college field and see what Coach gets to see. A few weeks ago, a group of TE players and coaches went to NY and played at Citi Field. How exciting! More to come on that ASAP! 
Since they didn't play tho, we headed downtown, grabbed some lunch, checked out some boots, and unfortunately, started down the road to come back to Georgia. I hope Coach and I can get back up there soon, just me and him, to have more time to see and do. I would have LOVED to have gone thru this Johnny Cash Museum. I just finished reading his autobiography not too long ago and it was wonderful!

After a long summer season and this dragging fall season, it was such a nice change to be with my husband on the road. It's great seeing him in his world, as I call it, and see him interacting with the kids.. something that he has a passion for and loves so much. I love watching him sign to the players, I even try and catch what he is signing, talk with them to the side during a game, cut up with them at the end of a winning game, and have parents tell me their childs favorite coach is Shane.

Next up on the schedule is Ft. Myers for Perfect Game Underclassman World Championship!



Megan said...
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Megan said...

I love weekends where we can hop in the truck and go on the road trips with them! I got to go to Nashville last year, and it was a blast too! I swear that city is calling my name right now. I gotta get back!

Libby @ Health, Love & Fire said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! I was watching the braves game last night and was heartbroken with the ending. I was wishing I had turned it off before the bottom of the 8th, but will still always love my braves!

james atel said...

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