Tuesday, July 15, 2014

2014 WWBA National Championship

Early Sunday morning, me, Connie, and Ricky, made our way to Hillgrove High School for Day 3 of Team Elite's Prime appearance in the WWBA tourney. 
In all of Shane's coaching years, Connie and Ricky have never been to one his tournaments... it was time for them to get out of the house and see his mad coaching skills for themselves.

We got to the field about 45 minutes early to see the players warm up and it even gave Connie and Ricky a chance to meet more of the parents. They had already met a few of them at the funeral home last week.. soooo awesome of them to come and also bring a group of players. Shane was so touched by their support. He has such an AWESOME group of kids and parents. 

Sooo serious.. I wish I could whistle because I would totally shout out to my boo when he makes his way back to the dugout from 3rd. Just one time to see his reaction. I can't help but to chuckle right now at what he would do!

baseball wwba perfect game

We got a W-I-N!!!
And guess what? The coach for the opposing team was a guy Shane played with when he played for the Portland Beavers in AAA ball... Jimmy Osteen. Coach said they were able to catch up a tad bit before the game but it was all business afterwards. This isn't the first time he has ran into someone from his playing days...

baseball perfect game

I wish I could hear what Coach says to his players after a game.. he sure is proud of them!

 I was super blessed to be able to stay with my boo for the night.. we had lupper afterwards with his parents and then we headed back to the hotel for some AC. This Georgia heat/humidity is a killer.

Prime had another game Monday at 11:30am but we lost.. We were up and down in that game. I could not sit still and my nerves were shot! And I don't even have a child playing!! 
I can't express enough how awesome this group of parents are.. I have always tried to be careful sitting in the stands in case someone doesn't agree with what my husband is doing on the field, but these parents just welcome me with open arms and are just THE sweetest!
Coach is putting together a team for the PG World Series and this chick gets to go! WHOOO HOOOO!!! I. Cannot. Wait. Can't wait to see the parents too. I am going to miss them when their kids move up!

Games continue Tuesday at 11:30! 
I will be rooting y'all on Coach!!



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