Monday, July 28, 2014

Perfect Game World Series

Team Elite is back in Ft. Myers for the PG World Series... the top 20 teams from all over the country competing and let me tell you it has been intense. Looking at all the team's numbers last night, it's still anyone's game and Coach was anxious to get out there this morning and get started again.

I made it to the 5:30ish game yesterday, there are a ton of lightening/rain delays due to the crazy weather around here, to see them win 6-1 against NorCal Baseball. There were some great hits and great plays by TE which also means there were a few haters in the stands. I'm pretty sure it was a good thing I had to leave for a class because my blood pressure was making its way out of the roof. DO NOT like to hear people talking smack about my husband.
On top of that, they weren't keeping score on the score board, and Mr Perfect Game Scorekeeper was SUCH a people person with a wonderful personality, let me tell you. If you hate your job, you should probably find another one. 

Their last game wasn't so pretty, getting beat 8-0 by Florida Burn. TE had three games to get in yesterday due to bad weather on Saturday. They lost 6-3 in their first game, taking them 4 hours to play because of lightening in the area. We have had some unexpected events take place.. In the first game, our lead off batter got hit in the head, on the first pitch giving him a concussion and yesterday another player got hit right between the eyes from a bad baseball hop off the ground. Good news they are both doing well!
I'm anxious for Coach and all the players today! 
Good luck to all you boys and lets get another W on the board!



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