Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Ft. Myers Perfect Game World Series + Beach Vacation

For the last couple of years, I have wanted to pack my bag and ride along with Coach to Ft. Myers or Jupiter for his tournaments. I MEAN THE BEACH IS ALWAYS CALLING MY NAME! This just happened to be my year because WE officially arrived in Ft. Myers Friday late afternoon.
After having dinner with one of Shane's college roommates a few weeks ago, we found out his cousin has a condo here.... and GUESS WHAT?? .. She so graciously is allowing us to camp out here for F-R-E-E. What a blessing and we are SO thankful! This place is truly beautiful. Condo tour post on its way.
It was about a 10 hour drive and honestly wasn't too bad. One of Coach's players rode down with us as well, so after getting into the condo, we took about another 15 minute drive to the beach and dropped him off with another family.

Bridge to the beach.
This is our view off the back porch and our first sunset. Like I said, absolutely gorgeous. 

We got settled in a bit and made our way to Pinchers to get our bellies full. It was delish.. I got my favorite.. grilled Mahi Mahi with green beans. Coach wants to go back another night.

Day 2... 
My Aunt taught me back in the day the first thing you do is get your grocery shopping out of the way! If there is still daylight you make your way to the beach the shopping can wait til its dark.. if not, you get your hiney to the store and get that ova with. It was pretty cloudy, with a huge black cloud even hovering over the pool, so Brad and I made our way to Publix. $300 later and a quick trip to Target for me we were back to the condo. Coach made his way back from his games and we all took a loooooong walk around the neighborhood.

The walk was nice and beautiful.. we found the club house and just on the other side of it was the marina.

Of course, the boys were able to see some fishies too...

These lizards are everywhere.. Brad even caught himself up on a snake at one point. Yikes.

We found this area off the marina. 
Need I say I love where the sand meets the water.

Found me some pretty shells too!

These pictures don't do the course justice...

These houses are beeeaaauuuutiful....

And the sunset on the course was breathtaking.

Too bad the picture quality isn't that great.



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