Monday, July 21, 2014

Makeup, Rollers, & Big Hair

Saturday I had the opportunity to do hair and makeup for a photoshoot... my first one ever! 
Remember Abby who took our 1 Year Anniversary pictures? Well, she contacted me awhile back to see if I was available for this shoot..which these girls would be able to add these photos to their pageant portfolios. I have no idea about pageant lingo so please forgive me if that is not correctly stated.
Anyways, both girls got a couple of different looks and both were super awesome clients!

I didn't get a lot of pictures of this pretty lady because I had already started hair and makeup.

This last photo was when Brooklyne was nicely telling me that "this is taking too long!" Bahahaha! Her patience with me was great for being 3 years old.

By this time she was O.V.A. it I believe. This was her third look. I wish I could've heard her conversation with Abby right here!

Can't wait to see the final images of these sweet girls! I got a little glimpse of a few on Abby's camera and they were BREATHTAKING! 

Definitely something I wouldn't mind doing again!



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