Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Ft. Myers Vaca :: Don't forget your Sunscreen

The sun finally came out on Sunday and Coach gave me "the sun is out so if you want your toes in the sand you better take yourself to the beach before it rains" talk.. well you don't have to tell me twice!! And he was NOT kidding about those rain clouds.. one second the sun is out and the next second it's coming a monsoon. 

On my way to the beach... no one was in danger.. I was stopped at a light.

I often wonder how people cannot love the beach.. it is seriously my heaven on Earth.

After a couple of hours, I was seriously feeling toasted. I packed up my bag and chair and headed back to the house. 
I. Got. Fried.

I am soooo upset. 
I always always always have sunscreen on and I guess I was just a little too excited about being at the beach and NEVER put anything on!
I have been KICKING myself!!!
 And if you guys saw what kind of ridiculousness lines I had going on you would probably laugh. I even went to Target today to try and find a one piece but no such luck. I have been applying aloe since yesterday and even got desperate today with vinegar to try and take the sting out. Gotta love some home remedies. 
Bottom line. This Florida sun ain't no joke.

Coach had three games to make up this day and you can read about those games here
They were played at Terry Park, which is actually the "old-old Red Sox Facility" as Coach put it. According to him, legends like Ty Cobb and The Great Bambino have walked this field. 
How cool is THAT??!



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