Saturday, July 5, 2014

Heaven Gained an Angel Last Night

What a blessing it has been to have known Grandma for the past few years.
Such a sweet lady and funny at times, especially when Shane would ask her was she going out galavanting.. her response- "Ah foot." 
I would get so tickled at their conversations.

She loved her kitten too. 
She called her Kitty Pooh.
She always wanted to know where she was and to make sure we hadn't left the door open so she couldn't get out. Kitty Pooh would even ride on her walker when Grandma was making her way through the house.

One of the funniest things I have ever seen her do was at Easter this past year. Shane and his Dad, Ricky, had lifted her in her chair to get her from the porch to the ground... Ricky said something to make her laugh and she picked her foot up and acted like she was going to kick him. She was even laughing when she did it. You should have seen her. We all chuckled.

  Our Lord and Savior has a plan tho, a plan for ALL of us, and His plan for Grandma was to join Him tonight around 8:22pm.
She is no longer in pain and at peace now.

We sure do love you Grandma and we know you are walking with Jesus right now.
We will see you again one fine day.



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