Wednesday, June 10, 2015

BUMPDATE // 33 Weeks

**some of this should be in 34 weeks but since I'm just now getting to this post and I how I don't want to forget some things fresh on my mind, here is a lot of update!

HOW FAR ALONG // 33 weeks

33 weeks pregnant chalkboard belly picture

BABY SIZE // about the size of a pineapple


Oh my goodness! Monday at Firehouse on our lunch date, a young girl went up to 2 Army men and said "Thank you for taking care of our country." I was totally fine at this point but then when they were about to leave, they asked her Dad if she would want a patch.. I can't remember much after this because I was too busy crying in the middle of the restaurant!! It would NOT stop! Coach said, if you don't stop you are gonna make me cry. Wow at the hormones!
The weepiness continued all thru Tuesday and by Wednesday I was good again!
Somedays I feel really good being pregnant and then other days I am ready to be exercising full force, wearing "normal" clothes, and having tons of energy again. Then I feel guilty for thinking that because I know that Baby Hopper needs to stay in for some time longer...
I am feeling SOOO much better now that the nursery is nothing but nursery! The rest of the furniture is coming out this weekend after our second yard sale.
I took a couple days off and it was felt so amazing having a break! I'll even have a few half days this week which is awesome too.

Still feeling pressure and somedays it bothers me more than others...
I have woken up on my back a few times, regardless of how I try so hard to have pillows all around, and it makes for such a weird feeling in the belly!
Stretching really needs to become an everyday, several times a day habit.. my lower back could really benefit from it..
My spider veins sometimes hurt..
I am over taking the weekly chalkboard picture. It is really becoming a "chore"!..
Nothing has changed with my belly button as far as me thinking they are stretch marks. I was trying to find a bathing suit top in Target earlier this week and thought I saw a small pink one.. Got home it wasn't there so I don't know what it was. My Young Living oils came in the mail and I got a couple to mix together for helping with stretchies and I've been applying it ever since...

MATERNITY CLOTHES // yes.. maxi skirts.. my fave maternity tops.. compression tights.. pj's and big t-shirts when I get home. Even tho my legs are so white they could glow in the dark, I busted out my maternity shorts this week.

SLEEP // It really hasn't been the greatest lately.. No matter how tired I am, 2:30am seems to be the magic number that I wake up at and then I toss and turn and pee for the rest of the night. Then when its time to get up, I fall into the deepest sleep which is quite amazing.. just needs to last longer. I even drank some tart cherry juice which has always worked, but not so much this week.

MOVEMENT // At times on my bladder, whooo oh my! I think Baby Hopper had a dance party Tuesday in belly and must have worn herself out because I didn't feel very much movement on Wednesday until about midnight.

CRAVINGS // Anything hot and heavy sounds absolutely disgusting. I have always drank room temperature water and this week I have wanted ICE COLD everything.. water, smoothies, and nothing but these fruit popsicles I have found at Ingles. Pomegranate has been the bomb this week and Amber brought homemade pomegranate and cherry sherbet to the salon this week. O. M. G. Talk about delicious!!

GENDER // Sweet precious girl!

WHAT I MISS // Restful sleep, energy energy energy, normal clothes.

WORK OUTS // I never made water aerobics this week due to thunderstorms.. since the belly gets in the way bending down, if I have to get something out of the floor, I try and make it a squat! Baha!

Amber, me, and Sass did make it to the pool Monday and y'all let me just tell you how AMAZING that was! I finally toughed the cold water and got all the way in and to feel the weight off my body was absolutely wonderful. It was such a shock to get out and feel all that weight hanging back on me.


Other than the weepiness, I've felt really good for the most part..
There are days when I just want to stare at my belly and watch her move inside me.. she will never be this close to me ever again and I just want to soak up every minute of these last couple months..

My mind is starting to roll again with lots and lots and lots of thoughts and some that I shouldn't even have to "worry" about..

There have been several comments made about Baby No #2 already and let me just tell you, this is getting really old in my book. Already thinking of another baby when this precious blessing isn't even here yet, makes me angry, it frustrates me, it's very pressuring, and it disappoints me! Our Baby Girl was not planned, and while I am SO thankful for having an easy pregnancy, it is my body and ULTIMATELY God's decision if He decides to bless and trust Shane and I with another baby. Until if and when that day comes, I am going to enjoy and love on this sweet, innocent, precious baby, who has all 10 fingers and 10 toes, and who is developing and growing the way God designed the human body to be.. a true precious miracle!!

DREAMS // Nothing really stands out in my mind 

HUBBY'S THOUGHTS // After 3 showers and him coming home from the field after being gone a few days, he's just in shock at all the baby stuff in the nursery now! As busy as he is, I think him seeing everything is really making it more real for him.


Kyli and Sox had to check some things out after our shower on May 31st..

Sox is NOT as skinny as she appears in this picture. Just wanted to state that because I had to do a double take on this photo myself. She just had a vet appt and got an A+ from the Dr on her health!


Being showered with lots of love from dear family and friends!
post to come!

This arrived in the mail for us..

It's sooo soft!

I couldn't help but let Kyli try out Baby Hopper's headband. LOL as you can see she was THRILLED about it...

Gigi came home with me this past Saturday after our 3rd shower, helped me around the house, and helped me get the changing table together. Such a great helper! Shane was in Atlanta, so I was so glad to have her company and also help me get things done around the house. She's hired for cleaning! Ha!

We got it together! Whoo hoo! 

I got a little bit of sun but it was so sticky humid I couldn't take it anymore.. 
Kyli of course found her favorite spot and you can see the other two heffas in the distance being mischevious...

This little girl is so sweet. She just got all kind of comfortable in my lap. Love it, love it.

One of the other two pups must have landed on her back going out the door or something because she has been down since Saturday evening. It has been so pitiful to watch her bow up and try to walk around the house. I know she has been in pain even tho we have been giving her meds. At one point she even hid in the office under the bench. We've been keeping her in her kennel for the most part to prevent her from jumping on and off furniture and its helping.. just ready for her to be back to her spunky self 100%!

And, Amber and I got some fabric ordered to start sewing the bedding! Whoo hoo!
Can't wait for the fun to begin!


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