Monday, June 15, 2015


Happy Monday all!

The last weekend in May, I did just makeup only for a wedding party. I do not have one single picture of any faces I did because it went SO fast and the girls were running behind to get ready for pictures.


One new product that I added to my kit and have fallen in love with is the MAC Strobe Cream.

I applied this to all the girls faces before the makeup application, it added moisture without being oily and brightened them up! If you think about it, what happens normally the night before weddings? There is drinking, staying up late, etc and that dehydrates you.. I loved that it added hydration without their makeup looking oily. Two more bonuses, it's lightweight and absorbs quickly!

Yesterday, I had my maternity pictures done in 93*+ heat and besides me blotting off the sweat and hitting my forehead with my powder brush, my makeup held up pretty dang good!


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