Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Let's get Organized! AKA the Nesting Phase

Over the past several months, I have cleaned out, cleaned out, cleaned out and feel like we have gotten somewhat organized.
In no particular oder, here are a few things I've done in the house...

We had a basket full of hair samples I've gotten from the beauty supply store and hotel shampoos, conditioners, and lotions. I found some extra mason jars and separated all of them accordingly. For the past couple of trips to Target, TJ Maxx, and Michaels I have looked for some kind of small chalkboard stickers/labels that I could put on them but I haven't had any luck. So until then, they sit like this in the guest bathroom.

All my jewelry was in the guest bedroom, which is now the nursery, in a dresser.. a lot went in the yard sales and what didn't go I found these super cute wooden trays at TJ Maxx. These were the only two I could find out of several locations so after I went back a little later to hopefully find more....

... these were all I could find. I was so ready to just have everything in one place I went ahead and settled for these.

After our closet got finished, I found these baskets at Bed, Bath, & Beyond. 
FYI guys don't ever throw those coupons away because they will take them even if they are expired!! They'll also let you use as many as you have on one purchase!

The dog food was separated into two plastic bins but I found this bin at TJ Maxx and now the whole 40lb bag goes into one place. Whoo hoo! 

 This past weekend, I spent two days in the kitchen throwing out appliances that we didn't need, deep cleaning, and organizing drawers.. including this one. It was a disaster. I had previously used this tray for makeup organization but now has a new home in the kitchen.

I found these beauties at TJ Maxx! I already have a few copper pieces in the kitchen and thought these would be perfect to add! I LOVE them!
Not really any organization going here but I couldn't pass them up thinking how great they would look in the house.

I found these in a magazine laying by the pool with Amber.. I'd love to add these to the kitchen someday as well!

Man does it feel great to have all this done!


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