Thursday, June 4, 2015

Pink Pink Pink! Shower No. 2

Sunday, we had our second shower, hosted by family Marcia, Katie, and Lisa. It was sooo cute with delicious food and THE CAKE! Oh my goodness! I couldn't get over it and not to mention how YUMMY it was. I brought the rest home for Shane to try and let me just say he didn't hardly let any go to waste!

Here are just a few err lots of pictures from Sunday.
I'm just sad my camera went dead so thank you to Morgan who took the rest with my cell!

This punch was incredible!! I was on such a sugar high.

Marcia made this.. I absolutely LOVE it! 

Another handmade quilt made by Amber! So pretty!

I know you can't tell what this is but its her 1st Baseball and you write all her info on it after she's born. SO adorable!!

This box was FULL of clothes and goodies.

Great grandmother to Baby Hopper and Grandmother admiring crochet sandals.

Favorite outfit!

Mama Jane and my Mom

Mom and MIL, Connie

Mama Jane and Aunt Kay

Katie, Marcia, Mom
Ella and Krista

Claire, Amber, Savanna

Great Aunt Joan and Marcia



And, earlier this week when I was arranging some pictures into a new bin, I found this picture of my Mom when she was preggers with me.. such a cute, tiny pregnant Mom!

We are so overwhelmed and feeling blessed from all the love that was shown towards Baby Hopper. I know I've ran thank you in the ground but we ARE so thankful for everything!!


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