Thursday, June 11, 2015

The ABC's of Me!

Good morning friends! 
What an eventful one its been here already. I couldn't sleep between the hours of 3ish and 6ish, I have no idea when I finally passed out, I had all these alarms set to get up, and pulled a Husband move sleeping thru every single one of them, and missed my Dr's appt this morning! 
Great news! -- Kyli seems to be back to her normal self. This makes me happy, happy, happy.

Anyways, my creativity has failed me these past several months, and after visiting Pinky's blog, I couldn't pass up on the fun of this post. Thanks for letting me borrow ma'am!

A// Available - FOR Starbuck's and Menchie's runs.. Lending both ears when you need to talk and giving big bear hugs.. beach trips!!.. saving animals.. Target & Hobby Lobby trips.. 

B// Biggest Fear - Losing my husband way too soon.. and I'm deathly afraid of flying. 

C// Crushing On - A spa day at Chateau Elan.. my pool being put up in the the yard... a pair of Tori Burch sandals I've wanted for some time now! 

D// Drink You Had Last - Rehydrate. Sooo yummy.

E// Easiest Person to Talk To - God!

F// Favorite Song - There are too many to name that I love and I love so many different genres of music too. From Jimi Hendrix to Miranda to Pearl Jam to some good ol' oldies.. Throw in some CCR and old school Nelly, Timbaland, Sheryl Crow's Tuesday Night Music Club... I'm also one of those that can put a song on repeat for hours...

G// Grossest Memory - Shane cleaning out my hair that got caught in the shower drain. Bless him for taking on that challenge... I could hear him gagging and it almost made me hurl.

H// Hometown - An extremely small town in Georgia that has grown a good bit since I graduated.. A place where everyone seems to know things about you that YOU didn't even know,  a place where people like to start drama, and a place now that I only have to come into town to work and see my family and friends. Don't get me wrong, there are still wonderful people in this small town and there are still a couple things I love about it, but I'm glad to be in mine and Coach's peaceful little home on the other side of the bridge!

I// In Love With - My Husband!

J// Jealous Of - People who can read and retain every single piece of what they read.. sometimes I have to read a paragraph 3 times before I remember what it says. A couple of those baby books I read early on? I'd have to skim back thru the book to remember what was in them. Ugh. 

K// Killed Someone - ?? Pretty sure if I did, I wouldn't be writing this post.

L// Longest Relationship - This Conair comb I've seriously had since probably middle school. There have been several times I've thought I've lost it and gone into panic mode. It's pink and looks a little ratty but it's the best comb I've ever had.. irreplaceable. 

M// Middle Name - Nicole

N// Number of Siblings - 2 brothers and 2 step-sisters

O// One Wish - At times, I have these super procrastination moments...totally wish I could be on top of the game ALL the time. 

P// Person Who Called Last - Mama Jane

Q// Question You Are Always Asked - It used to be "Has anyone ever told you you look like Britney Spears?" I even got stopped at the beach several years ago by a man and his young son, who I guess wanted to be for sure that Britney wasn't making an appearance at PCB and even asked for a picture. Ha! 

R// Reason to Smile - You woke up today didn't you? You're alive and blessed!

S// Song You Last Sang - Pearl Jam's Black

T// Time You Woke Up - 10ish

U// Unsure of - several things.. excuse the vagueness. 

V// Violent Moment You Had - I've never considered myself a violent person but I'm sure violent thoughts at certain moments with people have popped in my mind. 

My aunt posted this one day and I about died when I read it. Who comes up with these??

And then to keep the true southern fashion.. I'd have to bake them a pie or cupcakes afterwards. Ha!

W// Worst Habit(s) - picking at my lips when they are chapped Shane yells at me all the time for this 

X// Number of X-Rays You've Had - Maybe 4 or 5? I think the only one's I've ever had to have were for my mouth??

Y// Years Young - 32 

Z// Zodiac Sign - Aries


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