Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Hey friends! 
So I know I have been super lame over here on this corner of the .com world this week. I'm sure this isn't the longest I've gone without posting something but just wanted to say HEY I'M STILL KICKING. Which, if you follow on Instagram, I know you've seen a few posts lately. 
To sum up the week, I've pretty much worked and manned the homestead. Coach is eyeballs deep into baseball and it's mostly just been me, The Amigas, and Baby Hopper around here. 
Saturday was a super busy day.. I worked and then we had our last shower, which was absolutely amazing! I can't wait to share with y'all some of my favorites for our little girl.
Afterwards, me and SIL did a little Target shopping and then I passed. out.

Sadly, I woke up Sunday morning to some bad news.. my Aunt Kay passed away that morning. My grandmother's, Mama Jane, sister from Kentucky. Remember we visited there a couple years ago.
I am SO THANKFUL that she was able to attend our shower back in May and that we, and especially Mama Jane, were able to see her and spend time together.
Sunday was spent all day at Mama Jane and Pop's, except for a few hours I spent with my Dad for Father's Day...
... and today was spent with Coach at home. It was so nice for him to be home, even tho he has been working non stop. 
Please keep my Grandparents in your prayers.. they are traveling to Kentucky tomorrow and Mama Jane was taking the news pretty heard yesterday. 
Thank you in advance!
I've got A LOT of catching up to do in the blogging world and I'll be doing just THAT this week!


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